UPDATE: Tickets and Band Line-up for ASEAN Music Festival

UPDATE: Tickets and Band Line-up for ASEAN Music Festival

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Art is work poster ENG
Sat 11 May 2013, 2 pm
American Club 19-21 Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

From CAMA:

CAMA has announced the full line up for Artwork is Work: ASEAN Music Festival with DJ Slo-Lo, DJ Maft Sai, Mimetals and Lang Van Records’ rap super stars Minh Kien, Wowy and Nah all joining in the celebration of Asian culture on Saturday 11 May.

Molam International (Thailand)

Molam International are a one of a kind group formed by Zudrangma Records (Thailand), brought together to perform vintage molam, with 21st Century vibes. Their blend of Isan musicianship, powered by one of Bangkok’s funkiest rhythm sections, was formed by recruiting veteran molam musos like phin master Khammao Perdthanon and khaen maestro Sawai Kaewsombat and adding the drive of local rockers Piyanart Jotikasthira (bass) and Phusana Treeburut (drums). Their shows in Bangkok are a riot of furious Isan rhythms and dancing bodies as Thai traditional music is fused to the future sounds of rock. No one else in the whole world looks or sounds like this group – which is why we’re proud to have them headline ASEAN Music Festival.

MUON (Singapore)

Singaporean five-piece MUON is a musical collective delving through electronic experimentation and beat-science, fusing together bricolages spanning IDM, ambient trip-hop, and jazzy cinematic soundscapes. With four critically acclaimed albums available for download online, MUON have all the evidence they need of their creativity and talent. MUON have taken to the big stage for festivals like the Mosaic Music Festival, The People’s Party, Baybeats and represented Singaporean music at the British Council’s global music project Musicity. On May 11, MUON will again be responsible for bringing Singaporean music to a global audience at Hanoi’s first ASEAN Music Festival.

Bloodsugar Politik (Myanmar)

That’s right, they’re from Myanmar. As the country slowly opens up, Myanmar nationals are for the first time finding stages on which to share their culture with the world. The Yangon music scene is pretty much completely unknown outside of the country so the appearance of Blood Sugar Politik at an international music festival couldn’t be more timely. With more than a decade of writing energetic music together, the band – formerly known as Big Bag, are as tight as you could hope for with a fan base to prove it. Big Bag sold out stadiums before changing direction in 2010 after being introduced to foreign musical styles by international bands. The new project Bloodsugar Politik is an intoxicating blend of rock, punk, ska, and folk with lashings of energy and subtle undertones of Burmese classic rock.

Pulso (Philippines)

The Philippines is full of great musicians and bands many of whom have come to play Hanoi in the past, such as Caliph8 and Up Dharma Down. This year’s model is Pulso, an experimental ambient-driven group signed to the excellent Terno Recordings label. Pulso do melody and rhythm, matching patterns and overlaying acousitic harmonies into dreamy post-rock pieces. The Philippines love them, let’s see if they catch on with others in the ASEAN region.

18+ (Vietnam)

In Vietnam rock and metal are massive and the cream of the crop right now are 18+, five Hanoi kids on the way up. In the last year they’ve gone from unknown to blowing away fans up and down the country at Rockstorm. That’s a pretty big rise, but these home-grown Nu-Metal heroes have the sound to fill expectations. In Hanoi venues, 18+ have had young crowds go wild as their heavy sound and brutal vocals have struck the right chord with Vietnam’s youth. At ASEAN Music Festival 2013, Vietnam’s next big thing will be able to show an international audience what Vietnamese bands can do.

Mimetals (Vietnam)

Hanoi indie rockers Mimetals will open Artwork is Work: ASEAN Music Festival. The five piece band are new on the capital’s music scene but their mix of alternative rock, indie and disco did a lot to impress when they played at RockPassion’s 7 year anniversary and gave a real indication of their talent at CKX Unlimited Music Festival for over 5,000 young music fans.

Lang Van Records

US/HCMC based record label Lang Van is bringing a storm of Vietnamese talent to the festival including Minh Kien, Wowy and Nah!

Minh Kien (Lang Van Records / Vietnam)

Minh Kien has defied the doubters – most notably his parents – to become one of Vietnam’s finest young performers. The all-singing all-dancing 20 something is exactly that, with the ability to sing, dance and even beat-box.

Wowy (Lang Van Records / Vietnam)

From a street artists and break dancer, Wowy has emerged as one of the south’s toughest rappers. His acute, rough lyrics come from his upbringing in Saigon’s backstreets and feature common, in your face street-slang. Wowy changed the local media’s perception of rap with the succeses of his album Bay That Xa and went viral with 2012’s Internet sensation Sai Gon Dep Lam.

Nah (Lang Van Records / Vietnam)

Inspired by Eminem and Tupac, Nah is an underground force on Saigon’s new Hip Hop scene. Nah openly discuss social issues and his demo songs Doi, Muon Co Tien, Won’t Let You Down, and Lam Chu The Gioi are among the most visited and listened to from underground rap forums to major music streaming services. As a bilingual emcee, Nah has attracted overseas interest and really announced himself by combining his beats and flows over a simple yet sensational verse taken from a Trinh Cong Song classic.

Festival DJs Zudrangma Records’ Maft Sai and Sub Elements’ DJ Slo-Lo have been confirmed to keep the party going on the main stage

DJ Slo-Lo (Sub Elements / Vietnam)

DJ-Slolo DJ Slo-Lo has been developing bass culture in Hanoi for as long as anyone can remember. His Sub Elements crew have been the driving forces behind making Reggae, Dancehall and Dubstep the capital’s hottest genres. Follow them on facebook and catch Slo-Lo at Artwork is Work: ASEAN Music Festival.

Maft Sai (Zudrangma Records / Thailand)

With an emphasis on music built for outside parties and the worldwide dancehall, from Kingston to Ubon, from Accra to Khon Kaen, DJ Maft Sai promises to take you on a journey through tough basslines, heavy percussion and music designed to move any crowd from around the globe. Maft Sai is the world’s premier collector of Thai vinyl and the main authority on the genres of Luk Thung, Molam and Isan, often referred to as “Thai Funk”. At live sets in Bangkok and around South East Asia, Maft Sai combines these feet-tapping Asian forms with some of the finest roots tunes from Africa and around the world. Isan Dancehall never fails to get the party started with far out / far east sounds that you can’t hear anywhere else, brought to you in the warm glow of vinyl. Expect Eastern sonic equations – heavy Molam, dense African breakdowns, liquid Luk Thung and rare Reggae cuts.


Tickets can be bought on the door on the day of the event. Entrance is VND300,000 or VND100,000 with an ASEAN passport or Vietnamese ID card. Children under 12 go free.

For loads of chances to win FREE tickets, keep an eye on www.facebook.com/aseanmusicfestival or sign up to CAMA’s mailing list at www.camavietnam.org.


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