HCMC – Barcamp Saigon – The Biggest Unconference in Town

HCMC – Barcamp Saigon – The Biggest Unconference in Town

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Sun 07 Jul 2013
RMIT University

From Barcamp Saigon:

Barcamp is an unconference in which participants are also speakers. Participants get together discuss and about technology, agriculture, start-up, marketing, e-commerce, lifestyle, marketing, business, and more…..There are some interesting topics presented at Barcamp before “cloud computing”, “how to be a successful entreupreneur”, “travelling is awesome”. It’s an opportunity for anybody to present about anything they want and for participants to learn from each other.

BarcampSaigon organizers want the event to be better each year. This year, there are a lot more changes coming and it will bring you a professional and interesting event.

BarcampSaigon 7th with 7 new things

1. Presentation day for Barcamp’s presenters
2. Mobile apps for all the latest on BarcampSaigon
3. The event will be held at RMIT’snew building
4. New check-in system which is faster and easier for participants
5. Super networking
6. New T-shirt
7. Beercamp

Barcamp is such a wonderful place for active, curious and passionate people to learn and show who they are. One of the most special things about Barcamp is that everything is free. Please sign up now, go to RMIT and join us at BarcampSaigon.

Register at BarBarcamp Saigon’s website.

An interview with the organizers of Barcamp Saigon:

An introduction to Barcamp Saigon:

RMIT University
702 Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phong Ward, Dist 7, HCMC


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