Lang Du Friday Night with Flamenco

Lang Du Friday Night with Flamenco

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Ban nhac Lang Du Flamenco - HG

Every Fri night, 14 Jun – 16 Aug 2013, 9 – 10.30 pm
87 Lang Ha (inside National Cinema Center)

From the organizer: 

Lãng Du Friday Night is a series of Friday music nights by Lang Du band. Each night will have a featured theme based on Flamenco performed by the band, in cooperation with two other artists and guests.

There can be additional dancers, or players of saxophone, violon, flute or other traditional music instruments aligned with the night theme.

Tentative themes
1. Flamenco Night – La Isla Bonita (14 Jun): Guest singer Ha Thuong – former president of FTU Music Club, Ly Minh Hieu – Latin singer of Lang Du band and dancers
2. Trinh Night – Dear I, don’t despair (21 Jun): Tentative singer Lo Thuy – Giang Chau with saxophonist Manh Hoa
3. Flamenco Night – Dance of string (28 Jun): Honor the stringed instruments in ensembles and New – Flamenco, tentative artists: Violinist Hai Van (Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra), monochord/36-string zither: Thanh Phuong (Pha lê Xanh band), plucked zither Minh Trang (Vietnam National Academy of Music)
4. Truong Quy Hai Night – Tu khuc ngay sinh (5 Jul): Guest singer: Huyen Dieu Thu, Minh Đuc, flutist Thuy Quynh
5. Flamenco Night– Volare (12 Jul): Come back to New – Flamenco with performance of Ha Thuong, Minh Hieu and dancers
6. Sao Mai Night – Downwind (19 Jul), tentative singers: Vu Ha Anh và Huong Giang Idol with crew
7. Flamenco Night – Bamboleo (26 Jul) – Lãng Du Band talk with Cảm xúc band, sublimation and the convergence of the best Flamenco Guitarist in Vietnam.
8. Lovers Night – The day was born by white night (2 Aug) – Tang Nhat Tue – Hai Yen Idol with band, contemporary dance
9. Flamenco Night – Without Love (9 Aug) – Đong Lan – Giang Chau performing France songs
10. Lyrical Night – Tender love song (16 Aug) – Thu Thuy, Minh Đuc, introduce love songs of Ngo Thuy Mien, Pham Duy

Tentative program

(The order is subject to change with arrangement of artistic producer Tran Viet Anh)
1. Bamboleo symphony – Lang Du Band
2. Volare – Singer: Minh Hieu and dancer
3. Perhaps – Singer: Ha Thuong
4. Caja de cerilla symphony- Lang Du Band
5. Black Magtic Woman – Singer: Minh Hieu
6. “Ngày yêu thương” – Singer: Ha Thuong
7. Espana Gandi symphony – Lang Du Band
8. Quando Quando – Singer: Minh Hieu
9. Juliet symphony – Lang Du Band
10. Sway – Singer: Ha Thuong
11. Parasol symphony – Lãng Du Band
12. Fall at your feet – Singer: Minh Hieu
13. Viens m’embrasser: Singer: Ha Thuong, French – Vietnamese
14. Eros symphony – Lang Du Band
15. Cascada symphony – Lang Du Band
16. La Isla Bonita – Singer: Ha Thuong and dancers
17. Oye Commo Va – Singer Minh Hieu and the whole Lang Du Band

Tickets/ Entrance fee 
Entrance fee: VND 100,000 for live music and guests should pay for their own drinks.


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