Vietnamese Artist Ranks Third in British Fine Arts Competition “Bright Light Big...

Vietnamese Artist Ranks Third in British Fine Arts Competition “Bright Light Big City”

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My Hanoi City by artist Tran Tuan, oil on canvas, 2009

The artwork “My Hanoi city” by Vietnamese artist Tran Tuan was ranked Third in the online art competition “Bright light Big city” by London’s prestigious Saatchi Gallery in May 2013.

“My city Hanoi is situated next to the Red river. It is both an old town and a modern city with numerous lakes and colorful markets and residential areas”, said Tran Tuan about the idea behind his winning artwork.

Tran Tuan, born in 1961, is an established artist whose paintings have been collected by many art collectors in Europe, Asia and America. Tuan graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts University and has had his artworks exhibited all over Vietnam, Paris, New York and soon in Saatchi Gallery, London, after his painting came third in their competition.

The Saatchi Gallery was opened over 25 years ago and has been a destination dedicated to showcase young or international artists whose works have rarely or never been exposed to the UK audience. And the “Bright light Big city” competition is their initiative to provide the opportunity for artists from all over the world to be judged by internationally acclaimed curators. This year, a total of 2000 artworks were submitted, in which only two from Asia made it to the top ten: “Passersby, Arrest, March” by South Korean Artist Jaeyeol Han ranked Eighth and “My Hanoi City” by Vietnamese Artist Tran Tuan ranked Third.


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