Your Chance and your Choice for YxineFF 2013

Your Chance and your Choice for YxineFF 2013

Yxine Film Fest (YxineFF) 2013 EN

Yxine Film Fest (YxineFF) calls for entry
Deadline: 10 Jul 2013

From the organizer:

Don’t miss the chance to have your film(s) being part of YxineFF 2013! Choose your best film(s) to submit to us! It’s still possible until 10 of July 2013, but send us your submission TODAY to avoid any issues of late entries that may not fit the requirements.

We are Yxine Film Fest (YxineFF), an annual international online short film festival at our website. This year is the 4th edition in row of our film festival which is based mainly in Vietnam. With the slogan “Sharing. Love. Cinema.”, YxineFF’s target audience is young independent filmmakers and cinema lovers. YxineFF is a voluntary, non-profit and independent project. YxineFF is unique in its kind and a pioneer in modern film festival management.

At Cannes Film Festival 2013, YxineFF was represented with 3 short films: 16:30 (Opening Film YxineFF 2012, International Competition YxineFF 2012, 4 Awards); Monday, Wednesday, Friday (Closing Film YxineFF 2012) and Oasis Redux (International Competition YxineFF 2012). These 3 films were among 66 films from 15 countries of 5 continents in the Official Selection of YxineFF 2012.

YxineFF is supported by Jane Campion, Phillip Noyce and Tran Anh Hung among others.
YxineFF is also supported by Goethe Institut and British Council among others.
YxineFF films have made it to Cannes Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival among others, AFTER having participated in our festival.

Indeed, the participation in YxineFF does not affect negatively the chance that your film will be selected at other (major) international film festivals.

We are working with many film festivals and institution partners worldwide to promote your film. We also work with television channels to get your film distributed.

With YxineFF, you and your films would have the chance to get acknowledged worldwide, because our audience are from 5 continents. In 2012, we got nearly 2,5 million hits.

With YxineFF, you and your films would have the chance to win awards with cash up to 20,000,000 VND (ca. 950 USD) each.

We now call for entry of films of all genres from all over the world for International Competition (for films up to 20 minutes), Local Competition (for films up to 15 minutes), Panorama (for films up to 30 minutes) and In Focus (for films up to 60 minutes). The deadline is 10th July 2013.
The festival will open on 9th September 2013 and the Award Ceremony will be organised in December 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).

We would be grateful to review your film(s) for the Official Selection of YxineFF 2013.
The film submission is free of charge. How to submit your film(s)

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


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