Concert with Australian Duo Agostino

Concert with Australian Duo Agostino

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Duo Agostino

Thu 26 Sep 2013, 7.45 pm
VOV Theatre

From the Australian Embassy:

Renowned Australia guitarists Janet and Raffaele Agostino – Duo Agostino – will perform at a special one-off concert at the Voice of Vietnam theatre in Hanoi on 26 September. The concert, organised by the Australian Embassy, will showcase pieces from their Under the Southern Skies album and as well as a Vietnamese piece called Di Cay.

The concert is a part of the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Australia.

Australian Ambassador to Vietnam, Hugh Borrowman, said, “We have chosen Duo Agostino to perform for the Vietnamese audience because not only do they play the guitar beautifully, but they have also been successful in the development of the guitar as an ensemble instrument. This makes them very special.”

Duo Agostino are taking time out from a private visit to Vietnam to put on this special performance. They will also spend time on 27 September working with students at the National University of Art Education (NUEA). Janet commented, “Vietnamese appreciation of fine music is well known, so we are really looking forward to performing for a Vietnamese audience and working with Vietnamese students”.

Raffaele Agostino
Raffaele Agostino

This concert is among a series of activities that the Australian Embassy has organised to celebrate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Australia and Vietnam. Throughout 2013, the Australian Government is presenting an extensive program of cultural and educational events showcasing Australia as a creative and innovative partner and an inclusive multicultural society.

Already this year, Vietnamese audiences have enjoyed performances by Bangarra Dance Theatre, Australia’s leading Indigenous dance theatre group and Australian jazz trio Elixir, been inspired by the travelling science exhibition from Australia’s National Science & Technology Centre – Questacon – and watched young Vietnamese chefs in the, Aust-Viet Junior Chef Challenge.

Watch the performance of Duo Agostino:

About Duo Agostino

Raffaele and Janet share a strong interest in the development of the guitar as an ensemble instrument. They have both been active in organising and tutoring at the annual Sydney Guitar Summer School over the last 18 years. Together with fellow guitarist and composer Richard Charlton they form the “Sydney Guitar Trio”. This ensemble has performed extensively around Australia, as well as an overseas tour of Argentina, UK and Italy in 2001. The Trio has released a CD “One Hour To Madness and Joy”, an album of Australian compositions specially written for the group.

Raffaele and Janet have been regular performers at the Darwin International Guitar Festival, giving them the opportunity to perform new works for guitar with various other instruments. In July 2006 Duo Agostino appeared as featured artists at the Winchester Guitar Festival and whilst in the UK they recorded for their CD “Under the Same Sky”. Both Raffaele and Janet have been awarded Life membership by the Classical Guitar Society, Sydney, for their significant and sustained contribution.

Janet Agostino
Janet Agostino

FREE TICKETS to Duo Agostino concert are available from 16 September 2013 on a first come first served basis at:
– VOV office (58 Quan Su, Hanoi)
– The Australian Embassy (8 Dao Tan, Ba Dinh, Hanoi)

VOV Theatre
58 Quan Su, Hanoi


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