Attention ‘Emerging’ Photographers: Conscientious Portfolio Competition

Attention ‘Emerging’ Photographers: Conscientious Portfolio Competition

Channel247 by Hye-RyoungMin

Conscientious Portfolio Competition
Application Deadline: 31 Oct 2013

From the organiser:

Conscientious Portfolio Competition (CPC) is free to enter. There are no costs involved for you other than the time it takes to decide about and send in your work.

CPC is aimed at emerging photographers. We could probably argue about the term “emerging.” What it means here is that photographers not represented by a gallery will get preferential treatment. But of course, the quality of the work plays the most important role.

CPC happens in two stages. The first stage – where we are now – is the submission stage.
From the pool of submissions, 25 candidates will be picked for the second round.
The winner(s) will be solely chosen based on the quality of the work.

The winner(s) of the competition will have their work featured on the website, in the form of an extended conversation.

Good luck!
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