FVH Film Event: Screening of TPD’s Project “We Are Filmmakers”

FVH Film Event: Screening of TPD’s Project “We Are Filmmakers”

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TPD's Project We Are Filmmakers
From film “Who you are?”

Thu 24 Oct 2013, 7.30 pm

From FVH:

The Center for Assistance and Development of Movie Talents (TPD) project “We Are Filmmakers” has successfully worked with nearly 200 trainees and produced 100 documentaries and 50 films of short length. FVH would like to invite you to join us for a showing of five of these many films produced by the students of the TPD center.

Come and enjoy the talents of 4 different Directors, their stories of love, life style, gender identity, coal miners’ lives and maybe how you think about yourself.

“We’ve got married” (2013) A touching story about two lonely souls who love and protect each other. But does one need a sound mind and a certain intelligence to be in love?
Directors: Nguyễn Hà Phương, Mai Thị Búp –
Awards: Golden Lotus Bud Award 2013 – Jury Award.

“Mother and Daughters” This is set in the context of the family home, the main character is Director My’s mother and tells the story about the daily life within.
His mother tends to be a traditional, disciplined and somewhat imposing mom, while her teenage children keep trying to lean towards a more lively and modern lifestyle.
The film shows the conflict between the generations but in the end, love conquers all.
Director: Phan Huyền My
Awards: Golden Lotus Bud Award 2010 – Audience Award, – Golden Bee Award 2011 – Audience Award.

“Who you are?” (2012) This film centers on the difficulties of life as a teen, who must try to face her family and society to live her true-self. “No one can choose which gender to be born, but everyone has the right to live a life consistent with their true gender identity”.
Director: Hoàng Huyền My
Awards: Golden Lotus Bud Award 2012 – Jury Award.

“Hard Coaling” (2010)
This is a short film about the lives of coal workers living here in the port city. They have come from the remote countryside to earn money for their families. Their work is hard and they must live in overcrowded, poor quality housing but they love their job. This shows an actual account of their work and their strong attachment to their coal life.
Director: Lê Mỹ Cường
Awards: Silver Lotus Bud Award 2010.

“Old Romance” (2010)
This documentary shows an elderly couple living in poverty in a small floating house on the Red River. They are only two people depending on each other but they worry because there are no children to take care of them. Should one of them die, who will take care of the other then ? Everyday they leave their floating house to earn their living collecting plastic scrap to then return to an empty home in the evening. This poor life and hard work can make their appearance seem old and shabby but their spirit is always bright with their love for the other.
Director: Đỗ Thanh Hà

The films total time 80 minutes.
Vietnamese with English subtitles
There will be a question and answer session afterwards with TPD’s Director and 3 of our films’ talented directors.

Cost: 150,000vnd
Limit: 90 participants
To reserve seats contact Hang:  [email protected]

Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive our email.
Please pick up and pay for your tickets on the evening of the event at the cinema (7:00 to 7:15 pm). As a courtesy to those on the waiting list please cancel if you can’t come (phone 090 602 0960 or 090 347 5768). Reserved seating tickets are allocated on a first come – first served basis.
We don’t pre-book seating but if you come early you can pick your favorite seats.

Hanoi Cinematheque
22A Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội
At the end of the alley leading to Artist’s Hotel


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