Scuplture Exhibition “New Form 1” – Opening of Vietnam Sculpture Gallery

Scuplture Exhibition “New Form 1” – Opening of Vietnam Sculpture Gallery

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Opening: Fri 08 Nov, 6 pm
Art discussion: Sun 10 Nov, 2 pm
Exhibition: 08 Nov – 06 Dec 2013
Vietnam Sculpture Gallery

From Vietnam Sculpture Gallery:

NEW FORM is an experimental contemporary sculpture project that aims to overcome the stereotypes of traditional sculpture and to stimulate new thinking and creative possibilities involving this art form. In their desire for professional development, sculptors who live and work in Hanoi founded NEW FORM to explore innovative ways to experience working in a professional, collaborative environment. The project consists of three phases, the first of which has now been completed, and the results are presented in the NEW FORM 1 Exhibition.

Participating Sculptors:
Khổng Đỗ Tuyền
Lê Lạng Lương
Nguyễn Huy Tính
Nguyễn Hữu Thái
Phạm Bảo Sơn
Phạm Thái Bình
Thái Nhật Minh
Trần Trọng Tri
Project Manager: Art Researcher Nguyễn Anh Tuấn

Artwork of Khong Do Tuyen
Artwork of Khong Do Tuyen

The NEW FORM Sculpture Project was designed to extend over a period of 30 to 36 months and is divided into three consecutive phases. Each phase will last approximately 10 to 12 months and has specific objectives:
Phase 1: To identify and develop the orientation and theme for the work.
Phase 2: To explore and implement the approach to creating the work.
Phase 3: To exhibit the work and report the result.

Artwork of Tran Trong Tri
Artwork of Tran Trong Tri

The criteria for participating in the NEW FORM Sculpture Project are as follows:
• Seek the intrinsic language of traditional sculpture and develop it to change the shape, form, and response to the sculptural blocks.
• Experiment with the relationship between the sculpture and its installation space, including the space as an integral part of the sculpture and viewing the sculpture as a way of organizing the space.
• Experiment with new, diversified materials during the creative process and be less dependent on traditional sculpting materials.
• Explore the interaction between light and the sculpture, treating light as a component that directly contributes to the aesthetics and structure of the work.

Artwork of Le Lang Luong
Artwork of Le Lang Luong

NEW FORM 1 is an exhibition designed to introduce the experimental works created by the first group of artists between January and October 2013, during Phase 1 of the NEW FORM project. The works that resulted from the 10 months of collaboration among the eight participating artists and the curator are displayed in three galleries. This collaboration involved discussions about the process, the development of ideas, the method of experimentation, the selection of materials, planning the presentation, and the organization of space for the exhibition. Each creation represents the artist’s attempt to fulfill one or more of the criteria set out in NEW FORM, the nature of their innovation, and new directions for the next phase.

In addition to the sculptures featured in the exhibition NEW FORM 1 are contributions by the sound artist Nguyen Van Thao and the designer Phạm Đam Ca.

Artwork of Thai Nhat Minh
Artwork of Thai Nhat Minh

Nguyen Van Thao created an audio composition that is implemented within the exhibition space. This composed sound serves both as an independent source of auditory stimulation and as a collaboration with certain aspects of the sculptures that helps to guide the viewer in perceiving the arts, aesthetics, and spirit of modern culture.

Phạm Đam Ca provided the graphic design for the exhibit, from the logo and banner to the descriptions of each artist and the individual works. His design is based on modern typography corresponding to the NEW FORM criteria.

Artwork of Nguyen Huy Tinh
Artwork of Nguyen Huy Tinh

The NEW FORM1 Exhibition presents the first experiences of the artists in responding to the criteria for the art direction of the project. The results will prove valuable to the artists in revealing the end points achieved or not achieved by each composition; the extent of the visual effects, aesthetics, and messages of the composition; and the response from colleagues and the public. This knowledge will serve to help the artists understand their work better and will prepare them for the second phase of the project. Thus, the objectives of the first phase of the NEW FORM Sculpture Project and the NEW FORM1 Exhibition have been successfully achieved.

Words by Nguyễn Anh Tuấn

Free entrance.

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Artwork of Pham Bao Son
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