Vietnamese Artist at NIPAF Asia Performance Art Series 2014 in Japan

Vietnamese Artist at NIPAF Asia Performance Art Series 2014 in Japan

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17th NIPAF Asia: 11 – 22 Mar 2014
Tokyo, Miyazaki and Nagano, Japan

Nippon International Performance Art Festival (NIPAF) was founded by a group of Japanese artists in 1993 with the aim to create an international network of performance artists from all over the world. Currently the NIPAF committee organizes two performance art festivals every year – NIPAF-International and NIPAF-Asia. During the festivals, participating artists will travel and perform in several cities in Japan as well as get to know other performance artists from other corners of the globe. Within the festivals’ framework, not only do the artists perform inside closed art spaces but sometimes they also have the opportunities to perform on the streets or among natural fields.

This year, the 17th NIPAF Asia will take place in 3 cities of Japan from the 11th to 22nd of March with the participation of 16 Japanese and 9 non-Japanese artists. The representative from Vietnam in this festival is Nguyen Quoc Thanh, who is well-recognized in the performance art scene in Vietnam and currently also is one of the key members of the Nha San Collective team.

Here is the list of artists taking part in the festival:

Foreign artists:
1 Dong Jinling (China, Beijing, Female)
2 Crecee Dimayuga Roldan (Philippines, Lima, Female)
3 Komet Radenroro (Indonesia, Bandung, Female)
4 Yadanar Win (Myanmar, Yangon, Female)
5 Joydeb Roaja (Bangladesh, Chittagong, Male)
6 Prithvi Shrestha (Nepal, Kathmandu, Male)
7 Nguyen Quoc Thanh (Vietnam, Hanoi, Male)
8 Francis O’Shaughnessy (Laos/Canada, Motreal, Male)
9 Paribartana Mohanty (India, Delhi, Male, only Tokyo)

Japanese artists:
1, SHIMODA Seiji 2, KURODA Osamu 3, KURATA Meba 4, INUKAI Miyaki 5, K.a.n.a. 6, HAMADA Miri 7, SHIMAZAKI Mami 8, KAMATA Hiroko 9, NOGUCHI Tappei 10, WATARU Toshiharu 11, NARIAI Saori 12, NAKAMURA Yusaku 13, metajun 14, NAKAMURA Aya 15, MATSUSHITA Taiki 16 Kanaetty

For more information, please check the Festival’s Facebook page.


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