Conference “Female European Authors: The Love for Literature and Life”

Conference “Female European Authors: The Love for Literature and Life”

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Fri 23 May 2014, 9.30 – 11.30 am

From L’Espace:

French literature specialist Le Hong Sam and French novelist Nuage Rose will analyse works by major French female authors in the 20th century (Colette, Yourcenar, Duras, and some other contemporary writers), whose books have been translated into Vietnamese and well known in Vietnam. German writer Katharina Hagena, the UK based poet Aoife Mannix and Polish author Magdalena Witkiewicz will join the discussion to represent female voices in European contemporary literature.

The event will be moderated by Vietnamese cultural researcher Uyen Ly. The round table is organised by the Institut Français.

The conference is within the context of 4th European Literature Days, part of the Europe Days in Vietnam 2014.

About the speakers

1. Prof. Le Hong Sam is a French literature specialist, she has translated to Vietnamese works by many major female French author of the 20th century including Marguerite Duras, Marguerite Yourcenar…

2. French writer Nuage Rose is the author of Trois Nuage au pays des nénuphars, published by Writers Society (Société des Ecrivains) in Paris.

3. UK based author Aoife Mannix demonstrates versatility of literary modes and has become an instantly recognisable voice on the UK live literature scene. Her latest poetry collection is Cocktails from the Ceiling (2013).

4. Katharina Hagena is a well-known German author. Her work Der Geschmack von Apfelkernen was translated to 25 languages and adapted into a film in 2013 which starred Hannah Herzsprung and Friedrich Mucke.

5. Magdalena Witkiewicz is a Polish writer and marketing analyst. In her novels she mentions the most important problems of nowadays women. In 2013 she published four bestsellers Castle of sand, School of wives, Ballad for Aunt Matylda, Lika and her company and three of them are chosen the best books of spring and summer in the website.

Language: Vietnamese, French and English

Free entrance.

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