Europe Days in Vietnam 2014

Europe Days in Vietnam 2014


Europe Day 2014

From Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam:

The “Europe Days 2014 program makes a rendezvous with Vietnamese public, proposing a fascinating journey through the European cultural scene with a series of diverse intellectual and cultural activities.

Set to provide a bridge for cross-cultural exchange, the “Europe Days 2014” program will open a window into the richness of the European Union’s different cultural traditions with inspiring performances and information activities.

The first “Europe Days” program was introduced in Vietnam 10 years ago and since then it has gained resounding success and growing public attention, thus establishing itself as a prominent feature in the Vietnamese cultural calendar.

The “Europe Days” program celebrates Europe Day, 9 May, when the “Schuman Declaration” – the foundation for the beginning of what is the European Union today- was made in 1950. Since then, the EU has grown into a union of 27 Member States, which now unites the European continent in peace and ensures a level of prosperity and stability previously unknown in the history of Europe. The Union has since emerged as a global trading power and an influential actor in international affairs.

This May, the European Union also celebrates 10th anniversary of its largest enlargement in 2004 and events in the “Europe Days” program are great examples of the richness of European diversity which underpins the continued success of the European integration.

“Europe Day” is also the occasion for activities that bring Europe closer to its citizens and strengthen the many bonds that Europe has established with nations around the world, including Vietnam.

Highlights of the “Europe Days 2014” program in Vietnam include:

Bavarian Youth Jazz Band 1

A prominent event is the Europe Day concert by The “First Herd” of the Bavarian Youth Jazz Band. The Bavarian Youth Jazz Band (LJJB), under the artistic direction of Harald Rüschenbaum, is considered one of the most brilliant in Germany, presenting four musical talents from Germany. In celebration of the Europe Day, a group of the most gifted among the Bavarian Youth Jazz Band, also known as “Bavarian First Herd”, will perform a program ranging from traditional Swing by jazz greats like Count Basie or Duke Ellington to modern kinds of Bebop, Latin, Funk and Fusion compositions. Their performances in Vietnam will take place at the Opera Houses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City respectively.

Europe Day 2014 4

The musical scene of the “Europe Days 2014” will be enriched by a performance in Hanoi by Trio Alicja Smietana Poland. Award-winning violinist Alicja Smietana has a highly successful career as a virtuoso violinist of international reputation. She has performed as a soloist and chamber musician together with Nigel Kennedy, Gidon Kremer, Ivan Monighetti and others all
around the world.

Europe Day 2014 1

The annual European Film Festival promises to delight Vietnamese spectators with inspiring 14 films, presenting a variety of enchanting works by European film makers. The Festival will introduce a special short film about Europe produced by a young Vietnamese director. The Festival will take place in Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City.

Europe Day 2014 3

The diversity of European cultural traditions will manifest itself in the 4-day European Literature event in Hanoi, organised by the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC), presenting literature from Europe for the second time in Hanoi. Books from Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, the UK, Austria, Denmark, Poland and the Netherlands which have recently been published in Vietnamese translation will be presented at the event.

“Enhancing better understanding of the European Union and the importance of the Vietnam-EU relations” are the main topics of a series of workshops in Hue and Quang Ninh, targeting Vietnamese officials and conducted by senior European experts, including Prof. Steven Blockmans (Senior Research Fellow and Head of the EU Foreign Policy Unit, the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), Brussels, Belgium) and Prof. Dr. Sven Biscop (Royal Institute of International Relations (Egmont), Brussels, Belgium). Beside this series of workshops, Prof. Steven Blockmans and Prof. Dr. Sven Biscop will give two public lectures in Hanoi respectively on the EU’s global role and priorities on the EU’s defence and security.

A series of public lectures entitled “The Ukraine Crisis and the Response by major powers?” and given by Prof Andrew Small, will culminate the array of public lectures and workshops, presenting the EU’s role as a global actor.

In the conviction that there is no better way to improve understanding between Europeans and Vietnamese than through people to people exchanges, in particular involving the young generations, EU Ambassador Franz Jessen will visit Tay Nguyen University for the first time, where he will interact with students about milestones for the EU and the importance of the EU-Vietnam relation.

Europe Day 2014 2

A Cultural Roundtable Discussion in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City entitled “Vietnam: Where are female drivers and male nannies?” will discuss on stereotypes and traditional thinking that have prevented us in many spheres from utilizing gender equality as a driving force for the development in the society.

An EU – Vietnam trade information seminar in Ho Chi Minh City, an exhibition about Hanoi, an European Union Youth Football Cup and a short video making competition on Energy Saving complete the arrays of the Europe Days 2014 program.

Europe Day 2014 5

H.E.Dr Franz Jessen, Ambassador/Head of Delegation said, “Sixty four years ago, Robert Schuman took a decisive step towards what we know as the European Union (EU) today. Today Europe Day is an opportunity for all of us: to commemorate past achievements, but also to look ahead at how we can shape our European future together and inspire partnerships we forge beyond the borders of Europe. We are truly delighted to witness the growing public attention in Vietnam for the “Europe Days” program. Offering a wide range of diverse and stimulating cultural events, we hope that Europe Days 2014 will continue to attract many people across the spectrum of Vietnamese society”

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