Vietnamese Artists in France – Photography Exhibition “Exposition Réalités Chimériques”

Vietnamese Artists in France – Photography Exhibition “Exposition Réalités Chimériques”


Exhibition: 02 – 26 Oct 2014
L’Espace TriArtis Editions (19, rue Pascal 75005 – M7 Censier Daubenton), Paris, France

Photography Exhibition “Exposition Réalités Chimériques” is held in Paris as part of Vietnamese Year in France to celebrate 40 years of diplomatic relation between the two countries, after a successful French Year in Vietnam in 2013.

The exhibition showcases artworks by four Vietnamese photographers: Nguyen The Son, Khong Viet Bach, Binh Dang and Pham Ngoc Lan. Nguyen The Son and Khong Viet Bach also take part in the opening ceremony on 02 Oct and the art talk on 03 Oct.

Nguyen The Son is a Master’s degree graduate from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China, a lecturer at the Vietnam Fine Arts University, and a respected fine art photographers whose works have been exhibited in all over Vietnam as well as many other countries. Some of his recent projects include the book “Lost and found Hanoi”, exhibition “Nhà Tây transform”, exhibition “Houses Facing the Street”.

Khong Viet Bach and Binh Dang are two emerging photographers whose names have been recognized after the group show “Autopsy of Days” at Goethe-Institut last year. Read our art writer KVT’s piece on the exhibition here.

Pham Ngoc Lan is a graduate from DOCLAB and contributed to the Mini DOC-Festival organized by Goethe-Institut in 2001.


  1. Great to see Hanoi’s contemporary photographers finding their way out into the world. It’s really good work. Congratulations everyone. Keep shooting! ;-)

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