”36 Hours in Hanoi” on New York Times Travel Video Series

”36 Hours in Hanoi” on New York Times Travel Video Series

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Featured today on the New York Times Travel: “36 Hours in Hanoi”:

“Hanoi is changing fast, but with its tree-lined lanes, graceful old architecture, a flourishing arts scene and sophisticated night life, the city is having its moment.”

The article explores and guides travelers through the hidden gems in the bustling city during a short trip, probably only a weekend.

The 5 minute video captures most of the characteristics of Hanoi while featuring some cool spots in town namely Pots ‘n Pans, Ca Phe Pho Co, Trading Foodshop No. 37 Nam Trang (Eat); Thang Long Citadel, West Lake, Manzi (See); and ATK, Madake, Tadioto (Go out).

Each week, “36 Hours” provides readers with three-day itineraries for exploring cities worldwide.


  1. Xin chào tat ca quy ban ! toi la nguoi vietnam o Bô dao nha (Portugal), Tet sap den, toi muon moi mot so ban de an Tet va muon có phim tai lieu noi ve VN , thi duoc link cua Hanoi Grapevine. Kg biet, toi co the “muon” /borrow) 36 hours in HaNoi de chieu cho cac ban xem duoc kg ? Toi cung da co 2 phim : chuyen ngan, cua 2 dao dien VN de chieu roi nhung kg phai ve pho phuong . Mong tin quy ban va chúc Qu’y ban mot mùa TET vui ve va mot nam moi day nghi luc de pho biet nhung gi hay va dep cua dân VietNam minh. Thuy Tien

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