Inga Kerber – from Germany to Hanoi as Artist in Residence

Inga Kerber – from Germany to Hanoi as Artist in Residence

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Inga Kerber

From Goethe Institut:

Inga Kerber is the fourth artist after Christiane Baumgartner, Kai Hügel and Benjamin Badock, to be awarded the Artist Residency Grant from the Cultural Foundation of Saxony. The Leipzig-based photographer will immerse herself in Vietnam’s arts and culture scene for three months while living and working in Hanoi.

Inga Kerber’s works combine classical genres with new, accidental and deliberate defective reproduction techniques. The artist records classic subjects and motifs such as flower bouquets, landscapes or animals, making not just one but several analog photos, and changing the camera’s perspective very slightly with each image. This results in what at first glance are unspectacular, everyday images, which the artist then scans and prints, retaining all the flaws and errors that have occurred during the process. Arranged in triptychs, or in series of four or five, these sequences always exhibit variations and nuances in each motif, thereby acquiring an almost irresistible painterly quality.

In Vietnam, Inga Kerber will expand her existing collection “Cliché of a Landscape”, focusing on the forests and nature of Vietnam. “Cliché of a Landscape” deals with European landscapes, including her photos of the famous Leipzig Auenwald. During her stay in Vietnam, the artist seeks an exchange and is especially interested in the people in Hanoi and their connection to nature.

In French, the word “cliché” can mean “the act of taking a picture” and is simultaneously used for the photographic negative. But Inga Kerber’s works also refer to the German term “Klischee” that can stand for shoddy imitation, prejudice or the printing block (part of the letterpress printing process). Under the title “Cliché of a Landscape, Jungle”, the Goethe Institute Hanoi exhibits the photographic works of Inga Kerber from 16 September – 04 October. The artist will also discuss her working process in an artist talk and will pass her knowledge on to young photographers in workshops in Hanoi, Hue and HCMC.

Inga Kerber, born in 1982 in Berlin, lives and works in Leipzig. She studied photography at the Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Lyon in France and the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, under Prof. Gütschow & Eiko Grimberg, among others.

Inga Kerber has received numerous awards and scholarships, including the working grant Schloss Plüschow and Marion Ermer Prize.

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