Danang – Exhibition “Aspiration of Happiness” by Hoang Phuc Quy

Danang – Exhibition “Aspiration of Happiness” by Hoang Phuc Quy

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Vong lac-Hoang Phuc Quy

Opening: Sun 15 Nov 2015, 4 pm
Exhibition: 15 – 25 Nov 2015
Da Nang Museum
78 Le Duan, Thach Thang, Hai Chau, Da Nang

From the organizer:

Throughout the works are the emotional sublimation of man when they reach the “world of happiness” of their own, like a sweet song in the joyful emotions of the people with their overwhelming happiness.

The entire series are the scene of the people lost in daydreams floating high in the melodies of happiness among the lotus fields. Undulating people blending themselves in musical sublimation. They are singing passionately expressing their own happiness. When man gets the overwhelming happiness, it is when nature and the surroundings blend with each other to make a sweet song and it is at this moment when the musical instruments represented from stems of lotus leaves increases the abstraction of the sublimation of happiness.

Throughout the creation, I would like the viewer to feel the melodies of happiness of heart, ignoring all the troubles of daily life.

The creations are my own creative breakthrough on the concept of happiness. Through the creations I would like to express the surreal emotion on sublimation of happiness. And I would like to confirm that men and nature is a harmonious unity. And through my creations I would like to feel my world of happiness and hopefully somewhere from my creations they may find the sympathy with “standard of happiness” of their own.

In present societies, men have to race with the bustling life. They are gradually away from nature and they fail to appreciate the simple happiness around. Because of that, I would like my creation “The melody of happiness” to awaken the values that we may unintentionally neglect. The creations is the red thread which takes men and nature closer to each other. Hopefully, through the creations, the viewer can find their own happiness and treasure the wonderful things the creator has offered human beings.


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