European Music Festival 2015

European Music Festival 2015

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European Music Festival 2015

18 – 29 Nov 2015
Hanoi: Youth Theatre, Worker Theatre, Hanoi Opera House
HCMC: HCMC Conservatory of Music, HCMC Opera House

From Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam:

European Music Festival 2015 is jointly organized by Vietnam Performing Arts Centre – Department of Performing Arts – Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, The Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam and eight Embassies of EU Member States in Vietnam.

Since its first launch in 2001, European Music Festival has captured attention of Vietnamese people, especially Vietnamese musical fans. This 14th edition of the festival will feature well-known musical talents from eight European countries as well as a guest band from Vietnam. Solo artists, duo, trio and big bands will deliver different genres of music, ranging from engaging jazz melodies to great classic, contemporary as well as Vietnamese traditional music.

Vietnam’s musical representative in European Music Festival 2015 is Hac San Band, who has been putting forward the idea of creating a unique and bold blend of thrilling western heavy metal and Vietnamese exquisite traditional music. Since its official debut in 2013, the band has achieved tremendous success in its music career, namely “Rock Song of 2014” Title given by VNROCK magazine, “Best Arrangement Musician” Award for their 3 songs and notably, “Best Arrangement Musician of 2014” Award in prestigious “Vietnamese Songs” competition. Hac San is ready to introduce to Vietnamese public its unique style of music in the festival this year.

With a total of 19 concerts in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, European Music Festival 2015 will surely provide Vietnamese audiences with a multi-coloured musical festival.

See detailed schedule of European Music Festival at the festival’s website.

Artists and bands in the festival (detailed information at the festival’s website)

Brandt Brauer Frick (Germany/Techno)


Trio Eric Legnini (Belgique (Wallonie-Bruxelles)/Nhạc jazz)

European Music Festival 2015-Eric Legnini

Tolvan Big Band (Sweden/Jazz)

European Music Festival 2015-Tolvan Big Band

Trio Ulrich Drechsler (Austria/Jazz)

European Music Festival 2015-Ulrich Drechsler

The Blue Star Ensemble (Czech Republic/Jazz)

European Music Festival 2015-The Blue Star ensemble

Duo Ferenc Snétberger & Paolo Vinaccia (Hungary/Jazz)

European Music Festival 2015-Ferenc Snétberger - Paolo Vinaccia

Voytek Proniewicz (Poland/Chamber music)

European Music Festival 2015-Voytek Proniewicz

Anne Paceo (France/Jazz)

European Music Festival 2015-Anne Paceo

Hac san band (Vietnam/Rock)

European Music Festival 2015-Hac san band

Admission to the concerts is free of charge. Tickets can be reserved and obtained from 9:00 am, 16 November in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City at the following locations:


• Goethe Institut
56-58 Nguyễn Thái Học
Tel.: 04 3734 2251/52

• L’Espace
24 Tràng Tiền
Tel.: 04 3936 2164


• Goethe Institut
18 Đường số 1, Cư xá Đô Thành, Phường 4, Quận 3
Tel.: 08 3600 9587

21 Thái Văn Lung, Quận 1
Tel.: 08 3829 5451 I 8h – 11h | 13h – 16h30

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Youth Theatre
11 Ngo Thi Nham Str, Hanoi
Worker Theatre
42 Trang Tien Str, Hanoi
Hanoi Opera House
01 Trang Tien Str, Hanoi
HCMC Conservatory of Music
112 Nguyen Du Str, Dist 1, HCMC
HCMC Opera House
7 Lam Son Square, Dist. 1, HCMC

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