Open Call for Video Series “In.No.Sense”

Open Call for Video Series “In.No.Sense”

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New series IN.NO.SENSE from The One Minutes Network: Call for Submissions
Deadline: 11 Nov 2016

From the open call:

Submit your exact 60″ of IN.NO.SENSE.

The theme for this series is IN.NO.SENSE, a made-up homonym for the word innocence. Its interpretation in Chinese is 无.意, a combination of two characters that can be understood in two different ways, 无= nothingness 意= significance/meaning, or, 无意=without intention/unintentional. This theme would make an interesting commentary and refers to the current critical events under China’s central political concept “harmony.”

The series will be premiered and shown at the 3rd Independent Animation Biennial in Shen Zhen from 2 December 2016 to 2 March 2017, among parallel screening venues both in and outside of the Netherlands.

The selected work will be in The One Minutes collection and the artist will be rewarded 100€.

An exact 60″ moving image upon your observation/thoughts/ideas/reflection/open-end imaginations toward the undefined subjects/objects/matters/self is the distinctively right stuff – feeling proud to send them to before 11 Nov. (Send a message to curator Xue Mu in case of minor delay).

Watch the open call video of the series here:

For more information and application form please visit the organizer’s website.

*NOTE: Hanoi Grapevine merely announces the open calls and cannot help in the application process. For further inquiries, please direct to the organizers.


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