Bad Boys Blue & Sandra Live In Concert

Bad Boys Blue & Sandra Live In Concert

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Sat 11 Mar 2017, 8 pm
Vietnam National Convention

From the organizer:

Following the huge success of the Legend Concert tour, Bad Boys Blue & Sandra Live In Concert will be organized in Hanoi. After Kenny G, Boney M & Chris Norman Smokie ex, Modern Talking, this concert promises an explosive night to open the international music festival season in 2017.

Youth memories will be “revived” again through lively familiar euros disco tunes. The legendary songs of generation 7x, 8x will be performed by Boys Blue and Sandra.

The history of Bad Boys Blue started in Cologne (Germany) back in 1984, when the founders of Coconut Records – Tony Hendrik and his wife, Karin van Haaren vel Karin Hartmann, decided to create a new music project. The original line-up was following: John Edward McInerney (born September 7th, 1957, Liverpool, England), Trevor Oliver Taylor (born January 11th, 1958, Birmingham, England, died January 19th, 2008, Cologne, Germany) and Andrew Freddie Thomas (born May 20th, 1946, Los Angeles, USA, died July 21st, 2009, Cologne, Germany).

In spring 1985 was released the single “You’re A Woman”, which became a massive hit in Europe.

In 1988 Trevor Taylor decided to leave the group, but the band quickly found a new member named Trevor Bannister (born August 5th, 1965, Grembsby, England), but he left in 1993.

In 1995 Mo Russel (born March 15th, 1956, Aruba, Caribbean Sea) joined the group, but he left in 1999.

In January 2005 Andrew Thomas left the group.

In February 2005 John was joined by backing vocalist.

One year later, in January 2006 the group was joined by Carlos Ferreira (born April 11th, 1969, Mozambique).

On August 13th of 2010 there was released the anniversary single titled “Come Back And Stay Re-Recorded 2010″ including remixes produced by MS Project, Alex Twister, Spinnin Elements & Almighty. On August 27th of 2010 there was released the anniversary album titled “25″ including 25 Re-Recorded hits, 7 brand new remixes plus bonus DVD.

In September 2011 John has made the decision to finish working with Carlos.

In October 2011 the group was joined by Kenny “Krayzee” Lewis, known from collaboration with C.C.Catch, Touché and Mark ‘Oh.

Late in the year 2011 John has made the decision to finish working with “Krayzee”.

On September 21st (2012) Coconut Music released a DVD titled “Live On TV”.

Andra Ann Lauer, commonly known under her stage name Sandra, is a German pop singer who enjoyed a mainstream popularity in the 1980s and early 1990s with a string of European hit singles, produced by her then-husband and musical partner, Michael Cretu, most notably “(I’ll Never Be) Maria Magdalena” (1985), “In the Heat of the Night” (1985), “Everlasting Love” (1987), “Secret Land” (1988), “Hiroshima” (1990) and “Don’t Be Aggressive” (1992). Her albums Into a Secret Land (1988) and Close to Seven (1992) have won Sandra high critical acclaim.[4]

Prior to embarking on a solo career, Sandra was the lead singer of an all-female disco trio Arabesque, which had a massive following in Japan and USSR. Also, between 1990 and 2001, she provided vocals on album releases of the very successful musical project Enigma, which had top 10 hits in North America and United Kingdom. A cult star with a devoted fan base, Sandra remains one of the most popular singers of the 1980s in Continental Europe. During the height of her popularity, she even managed to outsell Madonna in a number of countries around the world. With sales in excess of 30 million records worldwide, Sandra has established her position as the most successful German disco/pop female vocalist.


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