Exhibition “Awaken Waiting Dream” by Phan Hien Nhan

Exhibition “Awaken Waiting Dream” by Phan Hien Nhan

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Opening: Tue 14 Feb 2017, 6 pm
Exhibition: 15 – 20 Feb 2017, 9 am – 5 pm
Exhibition Hall
29 Hang Bai Str, Hanoi

From the artist:

Phan Hien Nhan, born in 1981, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Planning – National University of Civil Engineering. Despite being oriented and trained to become an architect … finally … quite late compared to his peers, he chose to pursue painting. Paintings – to Phan Hien Nhan – are used to express his worldview and share his statement about life.

Phan Hien chose oil paint as the main material. He combines feelings of time and space in the paintings to show the truth of dreams and the torment of lies in the temporary world.

From childhood memories in the poor northern countryside to the struggle of students in making decisions. From the pity for the contemporary children to the fury of tropical storm coming to the country. From dream to reality, from the backlash of the youth to the quiet of the men who lived half of his life… Phan Hien Nhan confides in the paintings in his solo exhibition “Awaken Waiting Dream”.




I sat down to sketching a dream out
Hearing my soul suspended from the moonrise side
A sorrow that dare not to call its name
And the slime of age’s shadow tilts the old temples

Which stroke blends sunlight with rain?
Which rounding all the others stroke counts myself out?
Which madly stoke makes the storm of anger?
But only left the fuzzy cloud on half-way

Being surrounded by colors
Feeling flakes all over my skin
Choosing the wind to dry it off tomorrow
Perhaps my body will be blending in the scent of Zen.

Translated by Hanoi Grapevine



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