Dogma Prize 2017 Calls for Artists

Dogma Prize 2017 Calls for Artists

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Dogma Prize 2017 Calls for Artists
Deadline: 15 Apr 2017

From the organizer:

The Dogma Prize aims to recognise and promote talented artists who have made a significant contribution to the contemporary art scene in Vietnam, with their work in Self-portraiture.


The Dogma Prize 2017 is open to all artists, with no limits on ages, who have their practice in Vietnam and a commitment to the community, who create artworks in one or more of the following media: drawing, printing, installation, painting, photography, digital art, sculpture, video and mixed media.

Submission guidelines

Each artist will submit one (01) art work only. The art piece should be produced no longer than one (01) year before the submission date. The submission entry will include the following information:

– Maximum four (04) images showing full view and close-up view, for the case of 2D work, and including side view and back view, in the case of 3D work. The images will be in .jpeg format, at size of minimum 3MB;
– For installation piece, a sketch and/or detailed plan is required;
– A one-page statement to explain the concept and/or context of the work;
– Artist’s profile, inclusive of the artist’s full name and/or alias, email address, contact number and website (if any).

Candidates working exclusively in the medium of video are advised to provide a link to a video hosting site such as Vimeo or YouTube or to their own site where the video can be viewed.

Artists will submit their artworks in digital format to the email address: [email protected]

Submission deadline

All entries must be submitted by 15 April 2017 at midnight.

The Futur Prize

In partnership with the Futur Foundation, the Futur Prize is a special category reserved exclusively for young local Vietnam artists. The Futur Prize grants a 10 weeks Residency program in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland to one artist who participates in the Dogma Prize and in addition, meets the following criteria:

— S/he is a Vietnamese national
— S/he is from 24-30 years old
— S/he has sufficient English command to be able to communicate with the mentor artist
— S/he preferably holds a Bachelor or Master Degree

Please click here to read more on information and provision of the Futur Prize.

The Final Prize

One (01) Final winner of the Prize in 2017 will receive:

— A grant of 150 million VND
— An invitation to attend dOCUMENTA 14 in Kassel, Germany
— A curated solo exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam*
— The shortlisted artists will be included in a group exhibition in May 2017 in Hanoi. This exhibition space of choice aims to provide a unique opportunity to enter the professional art circuit and to have the artists’ works seen by major private and institutional art collectors.

*The Final winner will have one (01) year to work along side a curator in preparation for the solo show. More information will follow on this topic.

Featured Talks

Candidates are invited to attend a series of Talks dedicated to the topic of contemporary Self-portraiture, organised consecutively in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Hue.

“The Dogma Prize celebrates the artists’ intellectual endeavor as well as the courage to overcome the struggle between the private, introverted self and the desire to overtly portray the artist’s true self.

There is always the question of an artist’s identity and his artwork, especially in self-portraiture. Because in this global age, while Vietnam as a nation and Vietnamese artists as a generation present themselves, in their truths also lies ambiguity and confusion.

What lies beneath the artists’ effort to portray their own identities?”

In Ho Chi Minh city, the first talk will be featured at Salon Saigon on Saturday, 11th March, titled: “Identity in Contemporary Self-portraiture”. This session will be conducted by Tri Phuong, a PhD Candidate at Yale University’s Department of Anthropology.

In Hanoi, an intimate discussion on Contemporary Self-portraiture among artists will be organised at Six Space on Tuesday, 21st March. This session is co-hosted by Dogma Prize and independent researcher Do Tuong Linh.

In Hue, the same topic of Contemporary Self-portraiture will also be explored and discussed during two sessions: one by artist and lecturer Phan Le Chung at the Hue College of Arts to art student audience; and one by a panel of artists including Tran Tuan, Vo Thanh Than and Truong The Linh at Then Cafe, on Friday, 24th March.

Vo Thanh Than and Truong The Linh are the grand winners of Dogma Prize in 2015 and 2013. They both live and work in Hue.

Details on the Talk series will be updated on Dogma Prize’s facebook page.


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