Film Screening “9 Mois Ferme”

Film Screening “9 Mois Ferme”

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Fri 14 Apr 2017, 8 pm
Sun 16 Apr 2017, 6 pm

From L’Espace:

You are invited to the film screening “9-Month Stretch” (France, 2013, 82’).

Director: Albert Dupontel
Casting: Sandrine Kiberlain, Albert Dupontel, Nicolas Marié

A hilarious comedy about a judge of strict morals who discovers she’s got pregnant by a criminal wanted for murder.

Film synopsis:

Ariane Felder is pregnant! The situation is even more surprising because Ariane is a young judge and confirmed single woman with very strict morals. But what is even more surprising is that, based on the paternity tests, the baby’s father is none other than Bob, a criminal who has been tried for an horrific assault. Ariane, who can’t remember a thing, tries to understand what on earth could have happened and what lies ahead for her…

Language: French with Vietnamese subtitles


Ticket price: 50,000 VND
Special price for members of L’Espace and students: 40,000 VND
Tickets are available at L’Espace.

Watch the film’s trailer here:

Institut Français de Hanoi – L’Espace
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Tel: (84-4) 39 36 21 64
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