Creative Play Series

Creative Play Series

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13, 20, 27 May and 03 Jun 2017, 7 – 8.30 pm
Kinergie Studio

From the organizer:

Creativity is best accessed when we are in the spirit of play, when you feel spontenous and caught up in the moment, when we’ve quit being totally serious and make room for our imagination, when we are relaxed, when we are letting go of the judgments and inhibitions that make us feel shut down or restricted.

The CREATIVE PLAY course creates a safe place to explore parts of ourselves that are less often visited. We use art, movement, music, writing, improvisation and costuming as modes of expression each week.


– YES, if you want to play and create joy and fun together through creativity.

The Creative Play philosophy believes that we all have creative energy and that we all can learn to access it. Creativity doesn’t require talents or skills. It does require you to be open and playful, to suspend judgements and go with the flow.

CREATIVE PLAY is for everyone (from 18 years old) who has pure desire to have self-realization, self-discovery and transformation with creativity.


Douglas W. Holwerda: M.A Psychotherapist in private practice, FMP. Douglas got involved in the study of Creativity while a student at Antioch University in Seattle. He has explored the therapeutic approaches of several creative modalities (art, movement, music, writing and psycho-drama) and participated in a Creative group since 1993. He is a former school teacher of Literature, Writing, and Art over 12 years and now lives in Hanoi, he has a strong desire to form a Creative Play Community of fun-lovers.

Fees and registration

– 750,000 vnd/ 4 sessions
– 580,000 vnd/ 4 sessions for student and disabled people
– Drop in : 200k/ session

Registration link

Contact: Lê Hồng Hà – 094 784 7569
Email: [email protected]

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Kinergie Studio
7th Floor, 101A Nguyen Khuyen, Hanoi


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