Exhibition “Vietnam Eye” in London

Exhibition “Vietnam Eye” in London

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Nguyen The Son - D8 Thanh Cong 2016, Photo relief, 114x90x11cm
Nguyen The Son – D8 Thanh Cong
2016, Photo relief, 114x90x11cm

14 – 17 Sep 2017
Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York’s Headquarters building
Kings Road, Chelsea, London

From the organizer:

The START Art Fair returns to London’s Saatchi Gallery this September, showcasing emerging artists from new art scenes to give art collectors and enthusiasts alike the opportunity to discover artwork from developing global markets.

START Art Fair 2017 collaborates with Mehta Bell Projects as the first curatorial partners of the fair, who have developed a unique programme for START Projects. This includes a series of curated exhibitions including showcases highlighting upcoming artists from Korea, Vietnam and China, and a group exhibition which investigates the spiritual connotation of the art object.

A number of artists who have participated in the Global Eye Programme’s seminal “Vietnam Eye” exhibition in Hanoi in 2016 were selected to exhibit during START 2017.

Vietnam Eye: Blood, Sweat and Tears” hints at the challenging and adverse circumstances these artists have endured, and yet it highlights the fruits of their labours and offers the audience a snapshot of the exciting and dynamic work being produced from this region. The title of the exhibition also alludes to a sense of physicality that runs throughout the exhibition, whether it is the physical binding of each other in the Le Brothers’ video work, Nguyen Tri Manh physical ‘throwing’ of paint in his performance or Nguyen Van Du’s use of blood in his paintings.

“Blood, Sweat and Tears” hints at the struggles and troubles of the past, but it also highlights the confidence, forward-thinking and creativity of a group of artists that are breaking free of their war-torn heritage to offer a fresh, outward looking perspective.

Participating artists:

Duy Phuong (see more Photo Exhibitions by Vietnamese Artist Duy Phuong in Europe)
Hoang Duong Cam
Le Brothers
Ly Hoang Ly (see more A Solo Exhibition by Ly Hoàng Ly)
Nguyen The Son
Nguyen Tri Manh
Nguyen Van Du


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