Curatorial Roundtable “Post-Vietnam: Migration, Community, and Artistic Representation” in London

Curatorial Roundtable “Post-Vietnam: Migration, Community, and Artistic Representation” in London

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sea sung tieu
Photo by Hans-Georg Gaul

Curatorial roundtable: 18 Nov 2017
SOAS Khalili Theatre
Torrington Square, Bloomsbury
London, UK

From the organizer:

Part of the inaugural SEA Currents festival, the discussion “Post-Vietnam: Migration, Community, and Artistic Representation” is chaired by Dr Pamela Nguyen Corey, with visual artist Sung Tieu, guest curators Tram Nguyen, Linh Do and Something Human.

This panel will look at the ways in which artists from the Vietnamese diaspora have sought to engage questions of identity and place. Sung Tieu’s practice and her project in Deptford will provide conversation points around which to discuss issues of community, collaboration, and artistic representation.

SEA Currents is a platform for Southeast Asian art in London, helmed by a collective of artists, curators and researchers. We hope to connect this rapidly evolving region with the city of London, itself a convergence of many different cultures and a significant Southeast Asian presence.

The inaugural SEA Currents festival will explore questions of human rights, migration, diaspora, and Southeast Asia’s connection to Europe and the United Kingdom through performances, film screenings, talks, presentations and exhibitions – knit together by a two-day seminar series. This cross-cultural event will take place in October/November 2017.

For more information about the discussion and SEA Currents’ programme, please visit their official website.


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