KINOEYES | KEM – The European Movie Masters: Call for Applications

KINOEYES | KEM – The European Movie Masters: Call for Applications

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KINOEYES | KEM – The European Movie Masters: Call for Applications
Deadline: 10 Dec 2017

From the open call:

KEM is an original study programme that seeks to promote new teaching and learning opportunities for learners and teachers in the areas of fiction film making and creativity studies. This two year MA programme is a brand-new highly intensive fiction film making masters degree supported by ERASMUS+.

The programme is open to European and non-European students with a BA degree related with film production; other degrees are accepted for applicants with professional experience also in film. In order to guarantee high-quality training, KEM will only enroll 6 students per specialisation.

KEM applicants must be students already with prior knowledge in the area and applicants will be selected in accordance with areas of interest, a fact that will later determine their mobility.

These students will benefit both from geographical mobility by having the opportunity to circulate between the three countries (Portugal, Scotland, Estonia) involved in the program, but also curricular mobility since the program is designed in order to allow students to have contact throughout the course with the different fields of expertise covered in the pentagonal educational model that presides to KEM’s structure.

* Information on scholarships are available here.

Selection criteria:

All eligible applicants will be assessed by members of the consortium taking into account the following elements:

– The applicant’s academic quality, judged primarily from the results of prior university studies.
– The applicant’s motivation and justification of the application in relation to prior studies, work experience (if applicable) and future career plans towards the aims of KEM, judged from the CV in combination with the letter of motivation, expectations and portfolio/show reel.
– The applicant’s English language skills, judged from the certificate provided and from the interview.
– Applicants with the highest scores resulting from the application package will be called for a Skype Interview in date to be settled by the selection committee.

* Applicants that do not qualify for the interview will be informed by February. Candidates will be informed about the selection by mid May the latest.

For more information about the degree and the application process please visit the organizer’s website.

*NOTE: Hanoi Grapevine merely announces the open calls and cannot help in the application process. For further inquiries, please direct to the organizers.


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