Science Film Week 2017

Science Film Week 2017

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11, 18, 25 Oct and 01 Nov 2017, 8 pm
Goethe Institut

From Goethe Institut:

As part of the Science Film Festival 2017 Goethe-Institut also offers every Wednesday an extra film screening for the age group from 16.

There is something for everyone! If the activity days are suitable for young children then the science film week is something for older age group.

The main theme of this year’s Science Film Festival is the Anthropocene. The term refers to the fact that for thousands of years, humans have made their impact on nature, and have changed nature. Today, we experience Anthropocene through climate change. Our world with plants and animals is facing a crisis. The film program reflects on these problems but also show us the beauty and vulnerability of the ecosystems on our Earth.

A series of interesting science films will show the human impression on nature.


11.10.2017Bug Technology

The amazing abilities of insects inspire researchers to ever new developments. For example, the idea of “pain-free needles” is based on the principle of a mosquito spike. And the structure of dragonfly wings was the basis for an effective wind power generator. Their special abilities helped insects to survive on Earth for 400 million years. Modern science decodes these animal technologies using 4K shots, macro pictures, and high-speed cameras to take advantage of them for new human development.

Age Guideline – Secondary School (12 – 16)
Running Time – 48 Minutes
Languages – English with Vietnamese subtitles

18.10.2017Bugs – Nature’s little Superheroes

They are small and are not exactly loved by everyone: insects. Yet, insects are much more than just annoying creepy crawlers: they are true mini-geniuses. The documentary shows how the animal superheroes on six legs help solve some of the greatest problems of mankind. For example, by assisting in the development of new biomaterials, scientists can use animal behavior to solve traffic problems. Insects also play an important role in the investigation of more effective antibiotics.

Age Guideline – University and General Public
Running Time – 52 Minutes
Languages – German with Vietnamese subtitles

25.10.2017Zero Gravity – Mission in Space

The film accompanies two young astronauts on their first space mission: the Germans Alexander Gerst from the European Space Agency (ESA) and the American Reid Wiseman from NASA. For the first time in history, the audience has the opportunity to experience this whole journey. After five years of training, Gerst and Wiseman started their six-month mission to the International Space Station in May 2014. “Zero Gravity – Mission in Space” is a unique close-up of life in space and presents the viewers stunning images of the Earth.

Age Guideline – Secondary School (12 – 16)
Running Time – 55 Minutes
Languages – English with Vietnamese subtitles

01.11.2017Iceman Reborn

Ötzi is the oldest known natural mummy. More than 5 000 years ago, Ötzi was attacked and killed in the Alps, with an arrowhead in his shoulder. Since the body has been optimally conserved in glacier ice, it offers ideal conditions for scientists, historians and archaeologists to gain new insights into human history. The mummy is kept protected in a strictly closed ice crypt. The documentation accompanies the artist and paleo sculptor Gary Staab, who creates a replica of the mummy with a 3-D printing process – with surprising findings from Ötzi’s genetic code.

Age Guideline – University and General Public
Running Time – 53 Minutes
Languages – English with Vietnamese subtitles

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