Utopia Land – Month of Arts Practice Talk 2

Utopia Land – Month of Arts Practice Talk 2

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Sun 08 Oct 2017, 3 – 5 pm
Heritage Space Library

From Heritage Space:

Heritage Space proudly present MAP-Talk 2 ‘The Open Interlace’ with presentations of Ruchika Wason Singh from Delhi (India), Heaven Baek from Seoul (Korea) and Giang Nguyen from Hanoi. The talk is going to be led by Nguyen Anh-Tuan. It is a part of the exchange activities in “Month of Art Practice – MAP 2017” by Heritage Space.


Given the common theme of MAP 2017 – The Utopia Land, the 2nd talk will expose female artists’ imagination, in which they take the semblance of distinct worlds, so enigmatic and relentlessly active and changeable.

Originating from one of the megacities with the highest population in the world, Ruchika Wason Singh established an interface on the basis of human senses’ daily interactions, including sight, sound, touch, smell,… which will be condensed into a wide range of solidified emotional and mental states, followed by the adaptation into different means of art narratives: paper, fabric, books, written forms, two-dimension and three-dimension objects.

Regarding another channel of interaction, Heaven Baek is accustomed to utilizing digital devices and exploiting available/ ready-made objects to formulate terrain installation and showcase multimedia with both dynamic and static elements. She explores the oblivious and hidden physical space; the oblique, concealed and abandoned zones of secrets when it comes to community networking whether medium or small, or the minds of each individual. Thereon, she has unearthed complex dimensions of both materialistic and non-materialistic objects in our living environment.

Giang Nguyen sets out a common approach to local behaviors and habits. As such, she finds out about the meaningfulness and meaninglessness of behaviors that revolve around our lives and raises doubts about the relationships between personal faith and religion, history and cause, realism and surrealism of a multi-sectoral world.


MAP-Talk is the core program of “Month of Art Practice – MAP 2017” project. The aim is to create a channel between international and Vietnamese artists, local art communities and the public through talks and discussions.

◆ For further information about MAP 2017 project, please visit our website.
◆ For further information about the organizers, please visit here.
◆ Communications partners: Hanoi Grapevine.
◆ Sponsors: TID group, Dolphin Plaza, CDEF – Danish Embassy.

For further information, please contact:
Ms. Cẩm Mai Đặng, +84-97-872-5910
[email protected]

Language: English and Vietnamese with translation

Free admission

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