Exhibition “Vestige of a Land”

Exhibition “Vestige of a Land”

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exhibition vestige-of-a-land

Opening: Wed 13 Dec 2017 Fri 15 Dec 2017, 6 pm
Exhibition: 14 16 Dec 2017 – 12 Jan 2018
Public Talk: Wed 20 Dec 2017, 7 pm
Goethe Institut

From Goethe Institut:

Vestige of a Land” is a collaborated project throughout 6 months between Lê Giang and Sino-Nom researcher Nguyễn Đình Hưng, vernacular architect Phạm Thanh Thủy and environmental consultant Nguyễn Thùy Dương on communal houses in Northern Vietnam and the Red River’s water flow.

The body of work mirrored the fluctuation of the Red River and its role upon spiritual monuments’ relocations and modifications. Throughout the research process, the importance of these sites have been reinvestigated. Due to historical social changes and educational reforms, the liaison between modern society and the past has been heavily disrupted. These alternations drastically transformed social activities that once took place within the monuments. Much of the surviving structures are falling into decay and slowly losing their architectural identities.

Regarding these spiritual relics’ disappearances, the exhibition boasts a question in connection with the ability of traversing oneself within the present while visualising about the future. While there have yet a definite answer for such a task, the quest of unearthing these artefacts shall be carried onwards tactfully.


After completing her MA in Fine Art degree in London Lê Giang returned to her native Hanoi to set up an independent art and education space as well as continue her mixed media practice. Her works range from installations to illustration, often feature fragile materials like ash, glass, coal, plaster… and explore the questions on human existence and condition not only in contemporary landscape of Vietnam but elsewhere. Giang has exhibited in groups and solo in the UK, Singapore, Japan, Philippines and Vietnam.


Graduated from University of Social Sciences and Humanities with a degree in Sino-Nom, Nguyễn Đình Hưng works at Institute of Sino-Nom, Hanoi, Vietnam. His researches focus on Sino-Nom text in Buddhism and other traditional Vietnamese religions. Hưng has done field trips to collect documents and relic, vestige research in Red River delta.


The exhibition “Vestige of a land” by Lê Giang will be shown as part of the project “Shaping the future – A cultural perspective”, which was founded and supported by the Goethe-Institut Hanoi.

“Shaping the Future – A cultural perspective” is a topic which allows a wide range of responses. It invites for example to think about the relation between our species and nature, or the effects of digitalization, or the relation between future and presence, or the notion of learning and preparedness for the future etc. All the applicants are having their own thoughts about what they want to make the public in Vietnam aware through the medium of the arts.

Free admission

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