Snug 1 Year Anniversary

Snug 1 Year Anniversary

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25 and 26 Nov 2017, 8 pm

From the organizer:

A year ago we’ve launched SNUG, a monthly queer night dedicated to the burgeoning LGBT mouvement in Vietnam. A comfy yet intense place where genres don’t matter anymore and diversity is celebrated altogether.

Music has always been the centrepiece of our mission and we’ve been very careful about who’s going to be conducting the night, most of them being regulars from the the most important DJ booths in the world. The past few chapters we’ve had the honour to welcome Jonathan Kusuma from Cocktail D’Amore, Chris Cruse from Spotlight LA, Haruka from Tokyo, Aaron David from Acid Camp and Ateq from Giegling and a few amazing more. These avant-garde artists made us properly travel, often very far.

To celebrate, with the help of Goethe-Institut Hanoi, this first year altogether, what’s better than linchpins from the Tel Aviv, Berlin and Chicaco scene to do the job? Yes, we are talking about Berghain, Panorama Bar, Smart Bar and The Observatory. The residents of our favorite clubs on the planet will join us for one night only, but a long one. For this occasion we decide to open the club for no less than 24h, from Saturday 18h until Sunday 18h. A real Marathon, get mentally and physically prepared.

Line Up

Boris (Berghain, Germany)
Roi Perez (Panorama Bar, Germany)
Chrissy (Smart Bar, Chicago)
Hibiya Line (The Observatory, Saigon)
Ouissam (Snug, Hanoi)

Sunsiaré (Fragrant Harbour / Homesick – Hong Kong)
Agata (Equation, Hanoi)
Min8 (Savage, Hanoi)
Quan (Savage, Hanoi)
Omar Jayyusi (Hanoi)
KMG (Hanoi)
L A k E S (Hanoi)
Hlib (Mo:sa:ic, Hanoi)

More information about our special guests:


DJ Boris is kind of a charismatic, multifunctional weapon in the Berlin club life. His musical roots reach back to the mid 80s, when he lived in New York for four years where he absorbed the unique spirit of the seminal club Paradise Garage weekend after weekend. From the Club’s mentor Larry Levan Boris learned to believe in his musical intuition as well as a broad musical spectrum, which nowadays ranges from Disco, Hi-NRG, Post-Punk and (Kraut-) Rock to House and Neotrance, all of which Boris loves to throw into one set.

Music was most important for Levan. He was uncompromising and he knew how to convey it. That’s what I’m trying to achieve, too, when I’m djing.“ Many years later, Boris became a resident at Panorama Bar’s first incarnation in Berlin, where he was able to build a loyal following by playing long sets lasting until noon. „The crowd is always a lot more receptive for music at the end than at the beginning. That’s when I rather have the opportunity to present unusual stuff and that’s when I’m able to let my feelings run freely.“

After the old OstGut/Panorama Bar closed, Boris played in almost every club in Berlin, but when the follow up club Berghain opened its doors in 2004, he quickly focused on playing out here again. Since 2005 he has got another musical platform, as he is taking care of the label Careless Records as an A&R. Both as a dj and as an A&R, he is not exactly keen on refining a certain genre, but rather to push music with a certain twist.

Roi Perez

After a head start playing records in 2011 as a local resident in Tel Aviv’s underground queer clubbing scene, he moved to Berlin in 2013 in order to continue his personal journey of establishing a coherent, creative and diverse musical language, skills, style and knowledge. Not so long after, he started playing to Berlin’s busiest dancefloors, including being invited to play at the notorious fetish club Lab.Oratory and Berghain’s Panorama Bar.

In 2015 Roi started touring worldwide, preforming in important clubs and destinations all across the globe. Roi’s long, eclectic sets offer a dynamic musical journey through genres and styles, where house and techno music are weaved together with disco and electro to create a hypnotizing, powerful yet playful musical experience.

Roi is currently living in Berlin, working as a music selector in the local branch of London’s important music establishment Phonica Records, where his love for vinyl, devotion and fascination with electronic music meets his daily routine, interacting and exchanging creatively with the local crowd of vinyl collectors and fellow DJs, whilst regularly playing Panorama Bar.


Chrissy keeps busy. Based in Chicago, he has more than 20 years of experience as a DJ and more than ten in production, during which time he’s released records at an astounding clip, assembled innumerable mixtapes and edits and established himself as an authority on genres as disparate as footwork, disco and ghetto house. These days, Chrissy holds a residency at Chicago’s esteemed Smart Bar and, with Alex Burkat, runs the Nite Owl Diner label. (Recent label project: the debut album from Chrissy & Hawley, his disco-tinged collaboration with vocalist Hawley Shoffner.)


Space will be very limited and Pre Sale go on sales from the Wednesday 18th of October at 8 pm (tickets available at Savage)

Pre Sale : 200,000 VND (Pass for 24 hours) (Saturday 6 pm to Sunday 6 pm)
Door Price 300,000 VND (VERY VERY FEW LIMITED)


Please Respect the rules in the Red Cube
Don’t kill the vibe

Follow updates on the event page

112 Xuan Dieu Str, Tay Ho, Hanoi

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