”City and Memory” – Solo Exhibition by Artist Nguyen The Son

”City and Memory” – Solo Exhibition by Artist Nguyen The Son

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Opening: Fri 23 Feb 2018, 6 pm
Exhibition: 23 Feb – 31 Mar 2018, 9 am – 7 pm
12 Hoa Ma, Hanoi

From Art Vietnam Gallery:

Art Vietnam Gallery is pleased to announce their premiere collaboration with the newly established center for architecture and art, Agohub at 12 Hoa Ma, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Agohub is the inspiration of a group of young architects and designers headed by founder Nguyen Tuan Anh, who have created a community center where architects, designers, artists, and other artistic practitioners can discuss and exchange ideas with one another providing a platform to provoke new perspectives and ways of thinking. The space provides a library, film screening and lecture rooms, café and multi-purpose exhibition spaces.

Art Vietnam Gallery’s internationally acclaimed artist, scholar, and photographer, Nguyen The Son, will present his current bodies of work depicting the rapid metamorphosis of the landscape of Vietnam and how this drastic change is affecting the lifestyles of the society.

City and Memory is a collection of Son’s comprehensive work that spans several years of research and acute observation. In 2008 Son took a 5-year leave of absence from his teaching duties at the Vietnam Fine Arts University to procure his masters in photography at CAFA, Beijing, the leading art institution in Asia. There Son developed a series of three dimensional photographs depicting the rapid development in Vietnam that are not only innovative but also thought provoking, challenging the viewer to examine this transformation and its effect on the society. For the first works in this series Son created works of the precious street frontage of the quintessentially narrow Vietnamese house known as a symbol of power and prosperity, the Nha Mat Pho (house facing the street). For this Nha Mat Pho photo relief series Son was awarded the talent prize at the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts Master’s Program in Beijing in May 2012.

Son continued this work with his Nha Tay Transforms series of the French villas built over 100 years ago and their current transformation, following with his Nha Tap The series, a collection of 60s, Soviet styled apartment blocks.

Several public art projects were also undertaken by Son where he worked with his students in public spaces to create a sense of understanding of the changes in the landscape and how it relates to history and the modern day lives of the people in the city; the “8m2” photo installation project in Green Journey for Vietnam exhibition at the museum of the Vietnam Fine Art University, the Dao Duy Tu project of the ancient houses of the Old Quarter and most recently his current ongoing public art project, Vietnam – Korea Joint Project “Public Art for better space”, Phung Hung Street, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Son is to be admired for his unending efforts to bring the fruits of his research and international exhibition experience to the public for the populace to engage with and to create discourse about the place of art in the society and the importance of how one can embrace tradition and memory while becoming modern.

Son has exhibited widely internationally in the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing, China, ASEAN-Korea Contemporary Media Art Exhibition, Seoul, Korea, Mountain Links With Mountain, River Links With River, River Scape In Flux Project; Photo-Installation, Jakarta, Indonesia, Manila, Philippines, Yangon , Myanmar, Bangkok, Thailand, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Paris, and the Mien Meo Mieng (Land of Distortion) exhibition at Umea Bildmuseet University, Sweden.

The artist recently participated in the 2017 Cultural Partnership Initiative Program ((ifacca.org) in Seoul, South Korea where every year from July to November 100 artists from all disciplines are invited to collaborate, perform and exhibit in a monumental global art exchange. In August 2018 Son will travel to the US where he will take part in a residency and workshop at the Worcester Museum in Massachusetts.

Son’s works are in the public collections of The Aegon Kunstcollectie Holland, CAFA, Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing China, Intercontinental Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam and in private collections in Belgium, China, France, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Singapore, USA, Vietnam and elsewhere.

“Hanoi is a big city in which there are small urban areas, it’s like city upon city, the latest covering up the earliest, the urban areas are vanishing into the past, vanishing with nostalgia along with the roads, streets, and markets that already have new names. Memories of the city keep vanishing with time, with the flood of people immigrating tirelessly into this city.

A city might lose its’ memory or perhaps it doesn’t have any memory at all. If it is not because of the war, it mostly comes from the inhumane urban planning which has led to the breakdown of memory. The cities are bigger and bigger, the roads are wider and wider and the pavements are further and further from each other. There are more and more in-humane planning ratios and they have pushed people apart from one other.

Perhaps, we should measure the humanity ratio of the city by the steps of people, by the shadows in public spaces that make people move closer to each other and have more interaction with one another.

Hanoi once had perfect ratios of a humane urban life like that, but in recent years, urban planning is moving in a different direction that creates more and more soulless blocks of concrete and it is breaking the humanity ratio that we previously had. Moreover, it is breaking the memory spaces of the city.

This exhibition is a collection of efforts in the journey to seek and save pieces and pieces of our city memory through my visual art projects, with the purpose of stimulating the audience to raise questions about the value of the memory of the imaginary city in our near future. ” (Nguyen The Son)

Exhibition opening timeline on 23 Feb

6 pm – Guest Welcome and Lightfair
6.30 pm – Opening Ceremony, Film Screening and Talks about the creativity process of Nguyen The Son, as well as introducing to public who love art his recent projects.

Due to limited number of seats, kindly register advance to help us improve our preparation.

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