Vjing and Video Mapping Workshop “Lights & Love. Again”

Vjing and Video Mapping Workshop “Lights & Love. Again”

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18 – 20 May 2018
Hanoi Rock City

From the organizer:

Ever wondered how they get video animations to project on strange and uneven surfaces? Or how to give a still image a bit of motion? Learn this and more amazing magic here and now!

This workshop is a wide introduction to Vjing and projection mapping with the aim to explore the possibilities of live video projections and visual scenography using real-time rendering and video mapping.

During the 3 days of workshop-ing, participants will be introduced to the live performance possibilities with software such as Madmapper, Resolume Arena and Syphoner. We will also be exploring and experimenting with live video cameras, Kinects, and sound interaction to expand the audio/visual experience.

The aim is that the assistants can defend themselves in a real environment. And to reach this, the last hours of the workshop, we will organize an open doors session to show our creations in the last hours of the laboratory.

Level: beginners to intermediates

We will start from the very beginning of how to use the programs to advanced techniques and manipulations of all the controls.

Participants will receive:

• 12 hours of class time with instructor
• worksheet covering learned material
• magic tools
• gloating rights

Things you will learn:

* Resolume Arena (https://resolume.com/software/v6)
– creating original visual content
– animating content within program
– understand fundamental controls
– learn to set up composition
– linking of multiple projectors
– editing content
– setting up midi controllers
– learn to create multiple screens to outputs
– DDL’s special ultimate mix ninja techniques

* Madmapper (http://madmapper.com/madmapper/)
– learn to set up projectors
– basic mapping on screens
– advanced mapping on objects
– learn how to set up masks
– visual optical aesthetics
– detailed mapping
– line mapping
– live mapping
– DDL’s more special ultimate secret mapping techniques..

* Syphoner
* Technical understanding of projectors
* Technical set up for projector to computer
* Ability to play visuals and do projection mapping at any event or at home alone in your own bedroom by yourself forever..

price breakdown per attendant:

1 million vnd – early bird
1.2 million vnd – at door

Visual content creation and video mapping techniques taught by Daniel Day Long

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Hanoi Rock City
27/52 To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho


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