Workshop: Vietnamese Tea Ceremony with Tan

Workshop: Vietnamese Tea Ceremony with Tan

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Sat 12 May 2018, 2 – 4 pm
Room 208, 2nd floor, 23 Vu Ngoc Phan, Ha Noi

From the organizer:

Yes, you didn’t mishear it. It is about the art of Vietnamese tea, neither Japanese nor Chinese that people often assume when mentioning the concept of the tea ceremony.

And if you love tea and want to know more about Vietnam, you will not want to miss this workshop!

Because let me tell you, it is not only about our TEA, it is also about our CULTURE, our LIFE.

Hanoi Sustain would like to introduce to you Ms. Tan, a passionate young woman who dedicates her life to tea. She dreams of introducing Vietnamese tea and our tea ceremony to the world. Her pathway to tea is such an inspiring story that you must hear it with your own ears. She traveled across Vietnam, visited most of the tea producing fields then finally stopped by Ta Xua, a beautiful mountainous area in Northern Vietnam, and found her own field of tea there. Her tea is not mass-produced, the flowers are seasonal and carefully hand-picked, which brings such a unique and sophisticated taste to her tea.

“The spring season of tea in Ta Xua has ended, a week earlier than last year. My feet are familiar with the slopes, my hands are used to with the heat; Fire, tea and human mingle together to create art. A lot of things to say but afraid to ramble, emotions and experiences were gone. The only things left are the tea buds bathed in wind, rain, and fog, moving through the flames thanks to the hands are now resting in Tan’s House. I covered the tea in 2 weeks as I want to let the tea settle down after the change, the flavor will get up, the taste will stand. I could not describe the specialty of Ta Xua, of Lac Van (Lost in clouds) to you, you can only see when visiting Ta Xua, and drinking Lac Van. It is a personal experience.” – Tan.

In this workshop, Tan will accompany you in 4 sessions:

– Tea tools:
+ Which tool should you have to make a good tea?
+ Understand the harmony among the users and the tools

– Water:
+ How to find good water for tea?
+ Different ways to heat the water

– Tea:
+ Different common types of tea
+ Personal experience on tea

– Your tea experience:
+ Make your own tea
+ Appropriate postures, gestures and eye contact

The participation fee is 250,000 Vietnamese dongs

The fee is to cover the different types of tea that participants can try and learn to brew, the instruction fee for Tan and a little for the event’s organizers.

Please send a message to Hanoi Sustain, call Duc: +84 978 017 992 or email [email protected] to register.

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