Synescape Live Performance

Synescape Live Performance

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Sat 30 Jun 2018, 7 pm
Tình Đầu
60 Tho Quan alley, Hanoi

From the organizer:

‘synescape’ Live Performance is a live audiovisual performance merging analogue and digital in ways you have never seen before.

For this event we have invited a very special collaborator Linh Ha For Now, who will adapt her mesmerising vocal arrangements in a totally innovative way: her voice will be activated as she comes into contact with the installation situated in the centre of the space.

Accompanying this element will be live sound design and a video sequence, both of which will be guided by Linh Ha’s movements.

The event will take place at Tình Đầu – a new art space founded within Hà Nội 60s complex of old traditional buildings and run by the wonderful owners of Quán Cầm. With crumbling, egg-yolk facades, wooden shutters and creaking floors, it’s a unique space – much warmer than a white-walled gallery.

This event introduces our project, ‘synescape: please touch’, which will be on view 23rd-25th of August at Tình Đầu.

Linh Ha For Now (paint, movement & voice)
Alistair Hobson (sound)
Anita Wilczega (video)

About our project:

‘synescape: please touch’ is a collaborative project between Alistair Hobson (concept & sound design) and 2nanas (concept & video). It is an interactive, multi-sensory installation in which visitors are invited to trigger sounds and visuals by touching and interacting with exhibited objects.

The term ‘synescape’ is a combination of ‘synesthesia’ (perception of a sensory experience through another sense) and and the suffix -scape (indicating representation of a scenery).

50,000VND entry fee to support the costs of this event and the project.

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