Concert with Reißner Big-Band

Concert with Reißner Big-Band

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Sat 11 Aug 2018, 7 pm
Pedestrian Zone, Hoan Kiem Lake

From Goethe Institut:

Let’s party with the Reißner Big-Band from Bavaria in Hanoi.

This band plays the type of music that makes you happy. Bavarian folk music is made famous world wide through folk festivals such as the Oktoberfest in Munich, and played at weddings in Öland and in the city. The musicians of Reißner Big Band have packed their bags and will come to Hanoi, carrying with them their wind instruments: tuba, trombone, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, as well as good mood and professionalism. It is their desire to get to visit Vietnam and contribute to international friendship between Germany and Vietnam. Don’t miss the opportunity to them when this well-known Bavarian Big Band performs by Hoan Kiem Lake on August 11, 2018.

The band’s leader is Reinhardt Reißner. His father had already founded and lead a brass band. Reinhardt himself taught at a public school in the beautiful city of Neuburg on the Danube (an hour’s drive away from Munich) until 2012. With his school orchestra and with his big band, Reinhardt has been touring abroad for twenty years, including trips to Australia, the People’s Republic of China, Malaysia and Singapore. Highlights in the band’s history include a concert during a general audience of Pope John Paul II in Rome, their participation in the Venice Carnival and a concert with 2,000 students playing wind instruments in Bavaria. His band play in a flexible instrumentation both brass band music as well as classical dance and light music.

Free admission

Listen to the band’s music:


  1. I went there on Saturday 11th, 2018, waited from 7pm to 8pm, but did not see any big band performance.
    When did it start?

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