Exhibition “3 . 3 . 3” by Le Cong Thanh

Exhibition “3 . 3 . 3” by Le Cong Thanh

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Opening: Sun 22 Jul 2018, 6.30 – 7.30 pm
Exhibition: 24 Jul – 19 Aug 2018, 10 am – 5 pm (Tue – Sun)
Heritage Space

From Heritage Space:

Heritage Space is honored to introduce ‘3 . 3 . 3’, a solo exhibition by Sculptor Lê Công Thành, an important Vietnamese sculptor in 20th century, curated by Nguyễn Anh Tuấn.

‘3 . 3 . 3’ is a sculptural interpretation of Lê Công Thành’s artistic spirit. This exhibition does not display currently available works at his workshop, but chooses 3 models from his thin-steeled sculpture series, then enlarge them into 09 ‘sculptures’ in medium to large sizes, with the consent of the artist and his family. Each sketch is a generalized representation of the sculpture figure he pursues: the female body, Totem objects, the endless column with a spirit of mystery, sensuality, thirst and grandiosity.

‘3 . 3 . 3’, the name of the exhibition comes from number 9. Number 9 (Nine), for Lê Công Thành, is an absolute clause of existence, a figure expressing the highest integrity of spiritual concepts. Nine statues were enlarged and modified from three sketches, arranged in a circular exhibition space with the highest work (4.5 m) located at the center, the height of other works gradually decreased to 3m6, 2m7 and 1m8. The number of 9 sculptures in the exhibition is an arithmetic interpretation (3 times 3), and the sculptures’ dimensions are all multiples of 3 and 9, which was an intentional decision from the beginning. In terms of concept, it expresses imperfection and the desire for integrity within the artist. As somebody who worships aesthetics and perfection and who possesses a deep sensuality towards the natural rhythms and the female body, Lê Công Thành’s entire life has been spent in seeking the best visual form and language to express his physical and spatial senses.

Thin-steeled sculpture, developed by Lê Công Thành in the late 1980s, has been a big step forward in the thinking and visual language of the artist. He continued to work this way for many years, with small sketches and medium-sized statues, quietly working and waiting for the opportunity to showcase them in large spaces. These works make up a significant part of his massive collection of art over half a century of work. They are also the most interesting, contemporary and popular.

The enlargement of the sculptures was done with technical research and closely monitored by the sculptor Nguyễn Lập Phương at Việt Hoàng mechanic workshop. Installation plan and spatial organization was an idea of the visual communicator Phạm Đam Ca and assistant. Data and media materials were researched and collected by Phạm Út Quyên. We also received helps from artist’s colleagues, students, art writers and critics. The exhibition received the support from TID group and Dolphin Plaza, Hanoi Grapevine and Lê Công Thành’s family. Our deep attitudes for all these generous supports.

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