Exhibition “The Wonderland” by Dang Viet Linh

Exhibition “The Wonderland” by Dang Viet Linh

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Exhibition: 13 – 17 Jul 2018
Centre of Art-Photography Exhibition

From the organizer:

The exhibition consists of 30 paintings including 18 gouache paintings on Dó paper and 12 oil paintings on canvas, created by artist Dang Viet Linh from 2015 to June 2018.

“THE WONDERLAND” was inspired by the childhood stories in the author’s village where there are not only the memories, the remembrances and the dreams of the author but also the whole community in the past with ordinary stories, the simplicity of the country life. The stories, the discoveries of the homeland create shimmering landscapes with full colour, imagination and fascination, honoring the memories of the past.

According to Artist Vu Bach Lien, Linh’s paintings are laden with a poetic quality that helps audience fly into a distant land hidden deep inside the human’s subconscious. Each of his work is a dream about romantic love, which harmonizes with nature and things around it. It is also the place for the inner self to live as it is with the excitement of youth. Viewers can wonder whether this excitement is the imagination of the artist himself or the memories of childhood he has gone through, from which he doesn’t want to grow up.

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