Okia Cinema: “The Dreamers”

Okia Cinema: “The Dreamers”

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Fri 13 Jul 2018, 7.30 – 9.30 pm
Sat 14 Jul 2018, 6 – 8 pm
Sun 15 Jul 2018, 6 – 8 pm
Okia Cinema

From Okia Cinema:

When Bertoluci talked about dreams, that immediately became an unforgettable world of temptation – obsession, and of course, sparked every desire…

When Michael Pitt, Eva Green and Louis Garrel decided to devote their youth to their roles in The Dreamers, the result is a movie that was sexual and provocative from beginning to end.

Released in 2003, The Dreamers by Bernando Bertoluci, the king of world cinema, promptly became the most provoking, most daring, most sought-after, most wanted, and also most criticized movie…

The criticism focused on amorality, incest love, paranoia on a free world… was blasted on news and tabloids. Eva Green’s fully nude body was a bombshell appearing all across web forums. Never in their dreams could Eva been so sweet and wild!

3 young bodies intertwined in the little Parisian apartment admist the chaotic years. Trying to find a way to forget the past, using desire and dreams to fulfill… intertwined and at the same time fighting the burning attraction… All created a breath-taking sensual atmosphere for The Dreamers.

The movie is filled with symbolic scenes on sex, vivid and undisclosed. Beautiful and wild. Sex and the young bodies of the characters became tempting and desirable.

A movie appeared in every well-known film festivals, received numerous awards yet no high-regarded ones. To this day, this may be one of a few movies with no prestigious award yet found its place among the best films of all time.

The Dreamers is also the starter for a 18+ movie series soon to by screened at Okia Cinema. One for each month.

This week, check your birth certificate again because if you’re not yet 18… You should absolutely not go through this 115-minute long provocative and sensual movie!

Absolutely not!

Also, this movie is not recommended for people with hypertension or heart diseases.

(We’re totally serious).

* All films are shown with Vietnamese subtitles.

* An art talk introducing the movie and its author will take place at Okia Cinema, hosted by film director Nguyen Hoang Diep
* Communication partner: Hanoi Grapevine (https://hanoigrapevine.com/)

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Okia Cinema – “the world’s smallest cinema” – is a club for cinema enthusiasts, first started by film director Nguyen Hoang Diep and sponsored by O Kia Ha Noi art & culture space.

Non-profit screening, art talk before and after the show for audience having “cinema stamp” issued by O Kia Ha Noi

** Cinema STAMP provided upon purchase for combo cinema before the screening. Each stamp is valid only for 1 person.
** O Kia Ha Noi have combo cinema especially for Okia Cinema audience, including 1 drink at 50,000vnd.
** Okia Cinema does not receive reservations, kindly arrive early, check in, receive your cinema stamp and pick your seat.

For first-time Okia Cinema-goers:
– If you arrive by car, please park the car at the apartment building at 671 Hoang Hoa Tam, walk to Alley 639, go straight until you meet a crossroad, then turn left and turn right. No. 39 House has a giant teapot on its gate.
– If you arrive by motorbike, please go straight in (gently) and we’ll help you park your bike.

Translated by Hanoi Grapevine

Okia Cinema
639/39/39 Hoang Hoa Tham, Hanoi


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