Cinema at L’Espace this week 10 – 12 Aug 2018

Cinema at L’Espace this week 10 – 12 Aug 2018

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IF Hanoi

Screening of “French waves”: Fri 10 Aug 2018, 7 pm
Screening of “8 courts-métrages Folimage pour les enfants”: Sun 12 Aug 2018, 3.30 pm
Screening of “Le Tableau”: Sun 12 Aug 2018, 6 pm
24 Trang Tien Str, Hanoi

From L’Espace:

Take a look at the film screening schedule at L’Espace for this weekend!

Fri 10 Aug 2018, 7 pm: “French waves”

Director: Julian Starke (France, 2016, 65′)

Through a series of interviews with iconic artists from yesterday and today, Julian Starke’s documentary offers a take on French electro from the younger generation’s perspective. He tracks down the American roots of techno and house music, brings the era of illegal raves to life, and tells the extraordinary tale of French Touch, a music style that has played a pivotal role in the recognition of electronic music throughout the world.

Most importantly, he showcases the newest wave of French artists, exploring how the heirs of this modern history are making it their own.

Sun 12 Aug 2018, 3.30 pm: “8 courts-métrages Folimage pour les enfants”

The screening of 8 short films for children reflecting the diversity and excellence of the French animation studio Folimage.

Folimage is one of the most renowned French animation studios. It was created in 1981 by producer-director Jacques-Rémy Girerd (The Prophecy of the Frogs). The eight short films for children produced by this studio that will be featured in this program include:

– Paroles en l’air
– Le Chat d’appartement
– Petite Escapade
– Le Trop Petit Prince
– Le Génie de la boîte de raviolis
– Marottes
– Le Bûcheron des mots
– Bisclavret

Sun 12 Aug 2018, 6 pm: “Le Tableau”

Director: Jean-François Laguionie (France, 2011, 76’)
Cast: Jessica Monceau, Adrien Larmande, Thierry Jahn

Adagio-beated, mysterical and thrilling, this feature tells a story of many meaning layers and satisfies those who love fine art.

Film synopsis:

Le Tableau is a feature-length film using both animation and live-action and being made by senior French director – Jean-François Laguionie. The film has high concept and tells profound philosophical themes. The plot revolves around a group of half-drawn characters in a painting set off to search for the artist in order to ask why he did not complete the picture. This film has slow rhythms, colorful and full picturesque classic frames. After debuting in 2011, the film won “Best Feature Film” at 8th Festival of European Animated Feature Films and TV Specials.

A chateau, flowering gardens, a threatening forest, here is what, for mysterious reasons, a Painter has left incomplete.

Three kinds of characters live in this painting: the Toupins, who are entirely painted, the Pafinis, who lack a few colors, and the Reufs, who are only sketches.

Considering themselves superior, the Toupins take over power, chase the Pafinis from the chateau, and enslave the Reufs. Convinced that only the Painter can restore harmony by finishing the painting, Ramo, Lola, and Plume decided to go looking for him.

Throughout the adventure, questions will follow one after the other: What has become of the Painter? Why did he abandon them? Why did he begin destroying some of his paintings?

Will they one day know the Painter’s secret?

Language: French with Vietnamese subtitles


Ticket price: 50,000 VND
Special price for members of L’Espace and students: 40,000 VND

• Tickets are available at L’Espace (Mon to Fri: 9 am – 6.30 pm and 7 – 8 pm / Sat: 9 am – 7 pm)
• Discounted price applicable before the event day
• Movie cards of 10 and 50 seats are accepted (receive the ticket at l’Espace reception)

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Translated by Hanoi Grapevine

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