Exhibition “Ho Chi Minh Prize”

Exhibition “Ho Chi Minh Prize”

Reported by Vũ Lâm and Namnggg
Photos by Namnggg

In celebration of 73rd Anniversary of the August Revolution and of Independence Day (02/09), the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism held an exhibition showcasing “Art and Photography Works received the Ho Chi Minh Prize and State Prize in 2016” at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum. The exhibition takes place from 30 Aug to 08 Sep 2018.

The artworks presented include 20 award-winning works by 3 sculptors: Ta Quang Bao, Phan Thi Gia Huong, Nguyen Van Que; 5 painters: Nguyen Bich, Co Tan Long Chau, Buu Chi, Le Lam, Do Son; 5 photographers: Luong Nghia Dung, Nguyen Huu Cay, Hua Thanh Kiem, Lam Tan Tai, Mau Hoang Thiet.

Photography works are printed from original files provided by the artists and their family. They include those of large-scale sculptures and statues. The exhibition showcased some paintings, but since many years have passed with many turbulent historical events, the original versions of paintings were irretrievable. In addition, to provide audiences with a broader view of the artists’ works, 9 more paintings and sculptures of Ta Quang Bao, Phan Thi Gia Huong, Co Tan Long Chau, Buu Chi, Do Son were also put on display.

Translated by Hanoi Grapevine


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