HCMC – Photo Media Exhibition “FoMO – Fear of Missing Out”

HCMC – Photo Media Exhibition “FoMO – Fear of Missing Out”

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Opening and artist meeting: Fri 28 Sep 2018, 5.30 pm
Exhibition: 20 Sep – 01 Nov 2018, 8 am – 8 pm
Toong Minh Khai
126 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Dist 3, HCMC

From the organizer:

In his series ‘Fear of Missing Out’, Australian photomedia artist Darren Tynan documents video compression errors using broadcasts from free-to-air Australian television channels. By intercepting broadcast signals, Tynan explores transmission glitches as a serendipitous phenomenon and as a creative tool in the photographic process. A project spanning two years, FoMO is a world punctuated by randomness, disintegration and transmutation.

“It was pouring down with rain on a Friday night in Perth, and I wanted to watch something mindless on television. I had bought a new antenna but it didn’t work properly, so the video signal kept dropping out. Too tired to reach for the remote, I became hypnotised by the video compression errors on the TV. Pixels and liquefied forms darted and wormed their way across the screen; coloured blocks and bars erratically formed and disappeared, and digital artifacts merged and collided in a fragmented video collage.

That night, I dreamt about all the faces I had seen on the TV. The eyes of presenters from telemarketing commercials appeared to melt. News reporters burst into mosaics of glitches. Retro video game-esque shapes danced on top of politicians’ cheeks. When I tuned in again, I recreated these transmission errors and took pictures of different parts of scrambled video footage as it was undergoing a process of transformation in real time. After many months of doing this, I had witnessed bewitching noses jut out of ink black nothingness, razor-toothed men leer in digital limbo, and blocky, morphing faces squawk like exotic birds. I aim to materialise this strange abstract world in the form of concrete photographic documents, and to allow viewers to create their own narratives from the work.

I see my approach to photography as a way to catalogue anomalous entities that inhabit these realms. As a photographer, I am a hunter and an archaeologist, searching through disintegrating video broadcasts for new entities to immortalise. I categorise these entities in three ways. An entity may have an undocumented existence (I witnessed an entity’s existence but did not get to take its picture), an entity may have a documented existence (I both witnessed and have photographic evidence of the entity), and an entity may have potential existence as something that could materialise in a video landscape containing infinite possibilities, a landscape that is not governed by logic or reason. Since there are so many potential entities to document, this creates a fear of missing out.”

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