Explore Classical Vietnamese Opera (Tuồng)

Explore Classical Vietnamese Opera (Tuồng)

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Sun 21 Oct 2018, 8.30 am
Hong Ha Theater
51 Duong Thanh, Hanoi

From the organizers:

For STUDENTS to experience and discover their artistic talent, our theater continue the program “SCHOOL THEATER” at Hong Ha Theater – 51 Duong Thanh on 21 Oct.

This is a very exciting experience where the students and interested audience can explore the a traditional culture of Vietnam. Here, the students can go on stage and discuss with the artists, explore their performing, singing, dancing talent under the guidance of the artists from Vietnam Tuong Theater.

The program takes place on Sunday 21 Oct 2018, with two parts:
1. Interact to discover the art of Make-up and Traditional Tuong music.
2. Introduction on Tuong art: singing, dancing, performing

– 8h30: Interact to discover the art of make-up in Tuong: draw Tuong masks and analyze the meaning of the lines, colors according to the characteristics of each personnage (with guiding MC and artists doing make-up on the spot)
– 9h30: Join in the performance with detailed introduction on the characteristics of Tuong art – singing, dancing, performing with illustrating excerpts.
– The program is expected to last for 90 minutes.

We welcome everyone, especially parents and children to join in the program. As this is the SCHOOL THEATER program for the benefit of children, our theater will have a 30% ticket discount for them.

Ticket price: 100,000 VND
Tel: 0973900665 Ngoc Han, 0984545228 Anh Tuan, ‭0166 6675526‬ Manh Cuong
Email: [email protected]

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Translated by Hanoi Grapevine

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