Art Talk with Nguyen The Hung

Art Talk with Nguyen The Hung

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Sat 17 Nov 2018, 4 pm
Hanoi Studio
13 Trang Tien, Hanoi

From Hanoi Grapevine:

Artist Nguyen The Hung talks about the “destruction and transformation” of his artworks in the “Mien Lac Du/Land of Lost Wanderers” exhibition and looking back on the milestones in his 10-year career.

You are invited to an art talk with artist Nguyen The Hung and curator Duong Thu Hang of Hanoi Studio on the ocassion of Hung’s solo exhibition “Mien Lac Du/Land of lost wanderers”. The talk will also look back Hung’s 10 year career since he graduated from Vietnam Fine Art University – a successful and transformational journey began with hard work, commitment, patience, an open mind, a clear approach, and talent

The exhibition includes 24 zen-like, romantic, vibrant paintings and 01 installation artwork made with more than 8000 lighters.

With “Mien Lac Du/Land of Lost Wanderers”, after one and a half year of many “shocking” moments to Hanoi Studio with his determinedly destroying what are created and considered beautiful and up to par, and after one rescheduling, at last Nguyen The Hung agreed to showcase his new collection with many stories hidden behind the shape and colors in the artworks.

Joining the discussion, the artist and the curator will help you understand the paintings layer by layer, from what is in front of your eyes to what is hidden deep beneath, to tell you, openly and honestly, the story of beginning and destroying and starting all over, of struggles and reliefs at the end when the exhibition opening date was drawing near. The story is just as exciting and intriguing as a movie that will surely tells you a lot more. To make art is to live and to question about life.

Not only so, the exhibition marks the 10-year milestone of the artist in shaping the way he works and his signature style through building his own art space. This period of time is remarked for a strong expression in continuity, practice, self-development in the past 10 years. The art talk will also look back on the lessons and working methods: persistence, open-mindedness, systematic thinking and innate talent.

The art talk is hosted by journalist Truong Uyen Ly – Director/Content manager of

About Nguyen The Hung

Artist Nguyen The Hung was born in 1981. He is a hardworking, persistent artist who regularly joins in group and solo exhibitions since 2005. His visually attractive works express many thoughts and emotions about the modern life, about nature, interwoven with traces and fragments left from the past.

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