Hanoi New Music Festival 2018

Hanoi New Music Festival 2018

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Hanoi New Music Festival 2018: 16 – 21 Dec 2018

From Hanoi New Music Festival 2018:

Back after two successful seasons, 2018, with the theme “Make a silence”, Hanoi New Music Festival wants to bring to the public an UNIQUE musical journey!

The festival this year will have three different parts:

– The 4-DAY SYMPOSIUM: The 4-day symposium will have the respective 4 themes: Evolving Heritage; Technology On The Move; Post-colonial impact in music education and the context of music-politicization in South East Asia; Academia and non-academia.
– 6 CONCERTs & PERFORMANCEs: The clash of academic and non-academic, where musical personalities from five different forms of music and performances are displayed.
– 4 NIGHT CLUBs: Organised after 22:30, this will be space for artists to break all the rules in music, this promises to be the land of absolute freedom!

Are you ready for “MAKE A SILENCE”?

Tickets information will be updated soon!

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