Germany – Exhibition “Matineeesee Mit Kunst und Muisik”

Germany – Exhibition “Matineeesee Mit Kunst und Muisik”

“Thu bay” by Le Van Son at the exhibition

Exhibition: 22 Dec 2018 – 01 Jan 2019 (closed on 24 & 25 Dec 2018)
Bar 65, Bonn Opera House, Germany

From the organizers:

An event connecting Art and Music taking place at the theater Beethovenhalle in Bonn. This is the hometown of the late German genius composer Ludwig van Beethoven. The main material used in this exhibition is raw bronze, collected during the demolition of the old theater. The project serves as a connection between international artists with Alanus University in southern Germany.

Le Van Son, the Vietnamese artist who participates the program, currently studying Master Malerei, under the guidance of Professor Michael Reich. Attending the exhibition, the public will get to see various artworks alongside a performance of Joseph Haydn’s Opus 77 Nr. 1 and Ludwig van Beethoven’s Opus 59 Nr.3 – ending a spectacular European culture year at Beethovenhalle – Bonn.

Translated by Hanoi Grapevine


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