Hue – Exhibition “Musical Paintings” by Jacob Reymond

Hue – Exhibition “Musical Paintings” by Jacob Reymond

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Opening: Wed 09 Jan 2019, 5 pm
Exhibition: 09 Jan – 12 Feb 2019
Institut français de Huế

From Institut français de Huế:

You are invited to the exhibition “Musical Paintings” by Jacob Reymond.

“Some walk in a straight line; others wander.” I am one of the later. At the age of sixteen, I started working shifts in a factory… and began painting, at the same time. When I was seventeen, I went on an adventure. At twenty years old, I had first solo exhibition. After a few years, I abandoned the paintbrushes, too curious to discover other artistic practices: theatre, music, and cinema. More or less, it all bring me joy… It was also during all this time that I met great artists who taught me a lot.

Finally now, I got back to painting in earnest. As one of my passion, I always painted with music. Now, I paint the music.

– Jacob Reymond –

Free entry

Translated by Hanoi Grapevine

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Institut français de Huế
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