Hue – Exhibition “Rendez – Vous” by Léopold Franckowiak

Hue – Exhibition “Rendez – Vous” by Léopold Franckowiak

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Opening: Sat 15 Dec 2018, 5 pm
Exhibition: 15 Dec 2018 – 15 Jan 2019
New Space Arts Foundation, Hue

From the organizer:

You are invited to exhibition “Rendez – Vous” by artist Léopold Franckowiak, curated by Le Brothers.

A French national of Polish origin, Léopold Franckowiak lived in Lille in the north of France until 2011. For many years, his artistic work consisted largely of creating installations and performances. For the last seven years, he has been living in Hue in Vietnam and, although he rarely painted before, at the end of 2016, he began painting with oils.

The transition from creating events to painting portraits was not always smooth. It’s very likely that being in Vietnam for five years without returning to France was a decisive factor in his decision to start painting, and gave the canvases more impact and meaning since only images (and some writing, of course) formed the basis of his relationship with his friends and family back in Europe during this period. One striking aspect was the gradual merging of contemporary images – those sent to him over the Internet – with those of his personal photo album, where people both living and dead (as in the photos of his childhood, for instance) continued to exist side by side.

Léopold began to paint portraits of his friends here in Hue as well as of those in France, playing with the resulting confusion to mix periods and settings. We can thus find portraits of people he sees often, but at a time when they were younger, or some who have already departed this life that he places in a Vietnamese context.

Free entrance

New Space Arts Foundation
House No.9, Hamlet 3, Lai The Village, Phu Thuong, Phu Vang, Hue City


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