Music Theatre Performance “Lost Legends”

Music Theatre Performance “Lost Legends”

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Thu 20 Dec 2018, 8 – 10 pm
Vietnam Feature Film Studio
4 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho, Hanoi

From Hanoi New Music Festival 2018:

Music theatre in particular or other performing arts in general are those forms receiving little attention from the practitioners in contemporary art community and from general audience. However, small yet daring and resilient within that community are individuals who are still exploring, experimental and composing with these forms. To them, this is an extremely free, direct and consisting of varied media within themselves—from music, light, stage, the dramatic and the narrative, the ephemeral and the performative, and of course, the conceptual.

Unique in this show “Lost Legends” is the locality embedded in the traditional and folk art forms such as tuồng, chèo… that are eloquently used in these contemporary pieces.

Introduction of the artworks:

Playwright: Tra Nguyen Bich
Performers: Trang Trinh, Le Thanh Tu
– Artist Statement: “3P’s: The Performers Performing the Performed
A pianist, a dancer, and a writer/director get together. They talk about the role of roles, of spaces and of stories. Given a stage cum cinema to work with, they also talk about doubles, vacancies, and inabilities (“we’re all deaf at certain frequencies” – Trang). Need they act to perform roles that are indistinguishably themselves in a space not to be filled?

Shown in “musical theater” day of Hanoi New Music Festival 2018, this conversational performance promises music, drama, and basically a performance.”

“HO NGUYET CO HOA CAO” for Violin, Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Percussion and Videos
Concept, script, music and director: Kim Ngọc
Video: Nguyễn Trinh Thi
Cinematography: Jamie Maxtone Graham
Tuồng actresses: Mẫn Thị Thu and Nguyễn Thi Lộc Huyền
Performance: Hanoi New Music Ensemble
– Artist Statement: “I have an ongoing concern with concepts of femininity.
Hồ Nguyệt Cô Hoá Cáo is an ancient tale of Tuồng, a Vietnamese opera, and is the story, again, of a woman: Hồ Nguyệt Cô. In the tale, a female fox obtained, after thousands of years of cultivation, a magical “human” gem, and was able to become human, a woman. Then, being infatuated with human love, she was tricked into losing the gem and was transformed back into a fox and ultimately killed.
I would like to retell the story in correlation with different layers of time and languages ​​of art; between the tones of the ancient Tuồng and the nature of western classical instruments, between film and music, between live performance and recorded performance, between the ancient legend and the fates of people in the present time.”

Concept, script, music and director: Nguyễn Xuân Sơn
Video: Nguyễn Trinh Thi
Performers: Tuồng actress Nguyễn Thị Tần and chèo actress Trần Thu Hiền
Installation and performance: Nguyen Huy An
Musician: Nguyen Thành Nam/ traditional percussion, Phạm Quoc Chi/ Soana, Luong Hue Trinh/ electronics
Traditional mask artist: Phi Long

– Statement: “Two foxes (both named Nguyet Co) meet in the forest and tell each other about their life.”
Nguyet Co 1: I have earned the pearl after 1000 years of practice and have become human. Now I was just tricked and lost the pearl. I am in despair now that I have become a fox again.
Nguyet Co 2: I have earned the pearl after 1000 years of practice and have become human. Realising that being human is not that happy, with no freedom and so many rules, I threw the pearl away to be back to the wild, natural life. I am happy to be a fox again.”
After “Lost Legends” ends, we would like to invite you all to bike or to walk just across Thanh Nien street to arrive at our second session of the night with:

featuring Ran Cap Duoi Collective, Đờ Tùng and Kuru Circus and Orchestra
Venue: DeN Bar (49 Làng Yên Phụ)
Time: 22h30 – 00h00, Dec 20, 2018

With its inception in 2014, Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective, originally consisted of guitarist Phạm Thế Vũ and accomplished producer Đỗ Tấn Sĩ. They were later joined by Boredoms (Japan) alumni Trần Duy Hưng of the Hanoi based cultural and arts group “the Onion Cellar” on drums. In the beginning RCĐ worked with a number of Saigon based art institutions including Sạn Art, Sao La Collective, Galerie Quynh, and The Factory but remained primarily an online presence through the prolific efforts of the original members. During this time RCĐ expanded to include American Israel Rowland on bass and Canadian multi-instrumentalists Colton Cox and Bjorn Bols whose expansive discography and talents helped continue to diversify the collectives sound. In early 2017, RCĐ was joined by multi-instrumentalist and producer Zach Schreier (Sao La) who had previously worked for a number of projects in the United States and would work creatively on the collectives contemporary work. The primary members of Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective consist of Vu, Si, and Zach fulfilling much of the collectives music output.

KURU CIRCUS & ORCHESTRA are a well known band from India who are considered my many to be pioneers of the Indian New Wave.
Kuru Circus was initially conceived as a performance art project which largely incorporated soundscapes to the graphic novel ‘The Kuru Chronicles’ by Ari Jayaprakash and Anisha Sridhar. However, over the last couple of years, the music has expanded into other songs and soundscapes.

ĐỜ TÙNG (Ambient/ Electronic) plays the sound of no worries. Tung plays ambient by combining live looping guitar with rhymths of electronics… With many reverbs.

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