Transdisciplinary Performance Night “Beyond Sound”

Transdisciplinary Performance Night “Beyond Sound”

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Wed 19 Dec 2018, 8 – 10 pm
Vietnam Feature Film Studio
4 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho, Hanoi

From Hanoi New Music Festival 2018:

What is it there is beyond sound? Then where is the sound now – in the theatre, in the radio, on the street, on the beach? Where is “beyond sound” in space and time? How to get there? Can we travel in time and space as an astronaut to get beyond sound?

“Transdisciplinary” is a new terminology used to refer to works and practices that are not restricted to just one single medium and discipline of expression. A sonic work that combines elements of visual and space; a performance that is involved with moving images and sound installations and audience’s participation and coercion; a theatrical play that is structured as a poem with sound and images…

Hanoi New Music Festival 2018 is pleased to dedicate a night to such experimental and unique practices that are rarely shown in Vietnam:

by Otto Sidharta (Indonesia)

by Arnont Nongyao (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
– Statement: “Poem from Nowhere” is a new set performance of sound and moving images 2018 (expanded cinema). This expanded cinema is combining moving images of noise and lighting also sound generated from DIY analog’s stuff that combines of Arnont’s performing during 2014-2017.
“I have been interested and researching into sound with concentration on vibration, so most of the works are differently experimental and relative to vibration in order to search for the value of vibration derived from connected things, such as human beings, objects and society. The works are involved in a specific space and audience’s participation. They are also connected with the mode of listening/hearing/seeing in a social situation.” – Arnont.

by duo Cao Thanh Lan and Gregor Siedl (Vietnam, Austria)
– Statement: “The Usual Nexus“ is a fictional experimental theatre and a series of interactive sound installations. All sounds and visuals are generated in real time using an interactive system consisting of light sensor, light and shadow, motors, modular synthesizer, random generators, objects and live FM radio.

““The usual nexus” is set in an experimental laboratory situation in a not too far away future. It conjures up a scenario where human beings serve its own creation – Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Humans’ aim to overcome their deficiencies, such as imprecision, fallibility and time-inefficiency, is likely to result in the replacement of human labour by blue-and-white collar machines. While science fiction scenarios very often involve an active conflict between human and machine, who see each other as threat, „the usual nexus“ depicts a scenario where humans comply with the control of AI over human society. As the performance is an obvious low-fi setup of a fake-intelligent commander that is in fact written by the artists themselves, it raises the question why the artists put themselves in this situation, and more generally speaking, why we create at all. What are our roles as humans and how do we feel within the system created by ourselves? Will we be enslaved by machines, that we in the first place created or has AI the potential to save us from ourselves and enable us to pursue deeper self-reflection and a more human life?”

by Jiradej Setabundhu (Bangkok, Thailand)
– Performers: Huong DonNa, Tam Pham, Tuan Ni, Truc Quynh
– Statement: “I have been fascinated by the myth of Echo for a long time. The origin of mythological Echo is quite confusing and full of contradiction. Ovid portrayed her as a nymph who distracted Hera from discovering Zeus’ amorous affairs Echo was therefore cursed so that she could only repeat the words spoken to her. Disappointed by Narcissus’ rejection, Echo withered away; only her voice remained. Longus recounted how the god Pan, falling in love with Echo yet envious of her musical ability, made the shepherds mad, who then tore her to pieces. The fragments of Echo, hidden in the earth, still echoes every sound, mocking Pan’s pipe.

My fascination with Echo soon led me to discover Alvin Lucier’s music, specifically his Vespers. Relatively unknown and less performed compared to his other works, Vespers is nevertheless one of Lucier’s best works that captures his genius in demonstrating the physics of sound in the most poetic way. My work here is an homage and a reinterpretation of Lucier’s Vespers by concentrating not on the physical quality of echo but more on the social context. Additionally I am also in debt to John Hollander’s wonderful book “The Figure of Echo” that traces the history of Echo both in the physical world and the mythological one.”

by Kai Lam (Singapore)
– Statement: “The artist explores a cacophony of sound as a rhythm; emphasizing different tempos produced in instruments; the live element is a build up of melodies, disharmony and textures; by using a variety of sound sources i.e. pre-recorded and improvised ‘live’ sounds through looping technology; feedback loops triggered by digital glitches, field recordings collected from the artist’s foraging in local vicinities and places of visits in combination with noise synth / analog machines.

A Soundscape is vibrations arranged in time in order to express meanings which connects with the human imagination and points to its transcendent origin. Because sound is physical in nature, one’s view of a certain sound or a combination of different sounds are necessarily a reflection of one’s view of reality – By exploring the sound ‘medium’ in a performative approach, the artist hopes to translate his findings into an array of re-interpreted sounds and actions to give light to new meanings & expose the cultural bearings between the organic (human activities) & the static (architectural structure/space). A composition of sounds reveals the creator’s metaphysical perspective.”


Right after “Beyond Sound” ends is the beginning of an extremely experimental program “Night Club Experimental”, which takes place at half a West Lake away from Vietnam Feature Film Studio.

presents Red Slumber, Alec Schachner
Venue: DeN Bar (49 Làng Yên Phụ)
Time: 22h30 – 00h00, Dec 19, 2018

Please attend both events!! The concert pass of “Beyond Sound” can be registered now HERE. while pass for the Night Club Experimental can be found at the gate that night!

If you have any questions about the schedule, please inbox us. Questions about concert pass, please contact our hotline number, Ms Thanh (0912431834).

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