Dao Anh Khanh brings “Dao Xuan” to Hanoi for the first time

Dao Anh Khanh brings “Dao Xuan” to Hanoi for the first time

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Written by Nguyen Duc Tung for Hanoi Grapevine
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With 10 years in the making by Dao Anh Khanh and his colleagues, “Dao Xuan 9” is an event of a grand scale not only in the number of artists involved but also because of the amazing combination of art and nature. The event will take place on 23 Mar 2019 in the Gam Troi Valley, Hoa Binh Province.

Images from the event at Gam Troi Valley – where “Dao Xuan 9” will take place.

This is the first time Dao Anh Khanh hosts “Dao Xuan” outside of Hanoi. With an area of 50ha, Gam Troi Valley is an ideal place for tens of thousands of spectators to come and enjoy all kinds of arts including painting, sculpture, architecture, music, cinema, dance and even literature.

Amidst forests and water streams, pastures and waterfalls, Dao Anh Khanh arranged 7 large stages. Each stage is designed based on the natural conditions of the surrounding environment. There are artworks which are the quintessences of architecture, sculpture and installation art, measuring up to 36m high.

Sketch of one of the stages at “Dao Xuan 9”

300 artists will participate in the performance, including 250 international artists from 20 countries and 50 Vietnamese artists. All will be performing continuously for 24 hours, starting from 2.30 pm on 23 Mar 2019.

There will be 5 outstanding performances at the festival opening, at sunset, at midnight, at dawn and at the festival closing. These are not only a combination of tradition and modernity but also cleverly arranged by the artists to blend with the surrounding nature.

The contemporary art program “Dao Xuan 9” does not sell tickets. Those who want to attend can register with the organizers to receive invitations. At the place of the event, tents are prepared for the audience to sleep in. In addition, nearby hotel locations will also be suggested.

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